August 14, 2017

Currently (August 2017)...

Reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. My annual Harry Potter series Summer re-read is moving along at a snails pace this year but I know I'll be able to get it done before September 22nd. I picked up a couple of books at the beginning of July and since they were new the Harry Potter series got pushed to the side until I was finished both of those. I don't have any other books in my reading pile anymore so now I can fully concentrate on the series. 

Listening to Garth Brooks CD's anytime I'm alone in my SUV. I have over 15 of them and I've been obsessed with listening to all my old favourites lately. I have no idea where this sudden urge to listen to his old CD's came from but I'm just going with it. 

Celebrating that school doesn't start for another three weeks around here. I've been seeing so many back to school posts lately and I am SO not ready for Summer to be over. There's just something about back to school that makes me think of Fall and even though I do love that season I still love Summer and I'm not ready to say goodbye to it just yet. 

Watching HGTV any chance that I get. And if I'm not watching something on HGTV then I'm usually watching something on the Food Network. Of course I'm also watching baseball whenever it's on as well as Game of Thrones (I need to know what's going to happen!). I finished rewatching HIMYM for the millionth time and since I always need some background noise when I'm cleaning, folding laundry, etc. I restarted Grey's Anatomy for probably the 10th time and have been breezing through the series since I don't have to hit pause every time I leave my bedroom since I've already seen every episode at least 10 times. MN was here last week/into the weekend and we finished the first season of Breaking Bad and now I have to wait until I'm in the Twin Cities in a couple of weeks to watch more -  it's torture!

Working at my old part time job this weekend. I haven't worked there since the end of March (I think?) but the owners are heading away for the weekend so I'm filling in Friday and Saturday evening to help them out. It's going to be sooo weird to be back there after over 4 months.

Drinking water at the moment but I made the mistake of buying a case of Dr.Pepper a couple of weeks ago and I've been drinking way too much of it lately. I need an intervention!

Waiting, impatiently, for the Pioneer Woman's newest cookbook to come out. Why can't it just be released now?!

Wearing my new runners around the house to wear them in so I don't get blisters when I take Krickit for walks. I FINALLY got myself another pair of runners for outside use so I don't have to use my others for both indoors and outdoors. I'm so over finding tiny pebbles all over the floor while working out! I've been on the hunt for a good but inexpensive pair of outdoor runners for almost a year now and I finally found a good deal on some Nike Flex Contacts in Kohl's yesterday afternoon so I snatched them up.  

Anticipating seeing my nieces for the first time in over two weeks! They went to BC with their Dad to visit family and two weeks is the longest I've gone without seeing them so I'm anxious to finally see them and hear all about their vacation. 

Loving anything and everything by Rae Dunn. I know, I'm very late to the party on that one but I'm just starting to find pieces around my neck of the woods. So far I've found Krickit food and water dishes and myself a Laugh mug. I found a spoon rest in Marshalls when I was in the Queen City a couple weeks ago but there was a chip in it and I almost cried haha. I would KILL (not literally but you know what I mean) to get my hands on the Halloween bowls. Seriously obsessed. Send help!

Making plans to get some more things crossed off of my Summer Bucket List. I've done a few so far but with just a little over a month left of Summer I need to start making some more progress. 

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  1. I don't know why it is but every summer I want to re-read Harry Potter and every fall I want to re-watch my favourite TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy!


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