September 30, 2012

A little help please?

 I got to experience how un-family friendly my hometown grocery
store is this weekend 
I watched Rae and Graycie for a few hours on Saturday while
 Toni attended a trade show in 'the city' 
I prepared supper beforehand (because lets face it,I am soo not capable
 of being able to get supper ready while also making sure the girls don't
 kill each other) but I had forgotten a few ingredients so I needed to
make a pit stop at the grocery store
I had every intention of doing this on my own but ran out of time before I had to
go grab the girls and their sitter in the Mom-mobile
I was extremely nervous about having both girls in the store with me
(I am still having flashbacks to a week ago at the grocery store in 'the city'
where Graycie had an epic meltdown for 20 minutes and everyone in the
store thought we were trying to murder her)
However, I was SHOCKED at how unbelieably well behaved
the girls were in the store
Not a fuss, not a tear, not a whine
They were soooo good they each got to pick a treat while at the checkout
I should have known that something bad was bound to happen
This grocery store does not allow you to take the carts out of the store
Now, normally I can load both arms up full of groceries (I'm talking at least
6 bags on each arm - I lived in a three story apartment building, on the
3rd floor of course- so I got used to getting everything in one trip)
Here was my dilemma:
Balancing a 2 year old on one hip, with a heavy purse in hand, trying to
cross the street and dig the van keys out (and keep the 6 year old from
getting hit by a car) while also juggling two bags of HEAVY groceries
(could they not have thrown a few light things in a bag for Rae to carry?!)
Upside: better than dropping the 2 year old ;)
Where are the carry out people when you need them?!
Yes, I may have only had two bags of groceries.
Next time we'll be eating whatever we already have
No more grocery store outings for this girl


September 28, 2012


 Grey's Anatomy...
Thank you for breaking my heart AGAIN!
I JUST got over Lexie's death and now this!
I don't know what it is about this show but I swear I
turn bipolar for one hour every Thursday night
This was me the entire episode:
"What's going on?"
"Where's Arizona"
"They can't kill off Mark!"
"Why would they do that?!"
"I'm kinda glad Mark is gone, so now him and Lexie can
be together (insert weeping noises here) "
"I'm soooooo sad"
"They can't do this"
"I hate this show!"
"I love this show!"
"I'm never watching this show again!"
"I can't wait til' next week"
"I'm just so saaa-aaaaad (insert weeping noises again)"
I'm almost certain Mama Bear had to go back and rewatch the episode since the sound of me weeping drowned out half the show
But seriously... I can't WAIT til' next week

September 27, 2012

Weekend Plans

My weekend plans consist of sleep, sleep and more sleep
If only that were true
Unfortunately sleeping will be mixed in with a million other things
A family gathering Friday night (sooo excited for my Granny's cooking)
Babysitting the two brats (aka adorable nieces) for a few hours on Saturday
Watching the Riders whoop the Lions on Saturday Night (while also enjoying a few too many vodka cranberries)
FINAAALLY catching up on some of my shows (Hellllo Bones and Glee)
I also have 2 Pinterest projects that I have been putting off foreeeever and would like to complete sometime this century
And of course because it is this close to being October I will be decorating for Halloween
Gawddd, I'm stressing myself out already with this list
Good things it's Thirsty Thursday