September 28, 2012


 Grey's Anatomy...
Thank you for breaking my heart AGAIN!
I JUST got over Lexie's death and now this!
I don't know what it is about this show but I swear I
turn bipolar for one hour every Thursday night
This was me the entire episode:
"What's going on?"
"Where's Arizona"
"They can't kill off Mark!"
"Why would they do that?!"
"I'm kinda glad Mark is gone, so now him and Lexie can
be together (insert weeping noises here) "
"I'm soooooo sad"
"They can't do this"
"I hate this show!"
"I love this show!"
"I'm never watching this show again!"
"I can't wait til' next week"
"I'm just so saaa-aaaaad (insert weeping noises again)"
I'm almost certain Mama Bear had to go back and rewatch the episode since the sound of me weeping drowned out half the show
But seriously... I can't WAIT til' next week

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