September 27, 2012

Weekend Plans

My weekend plans consist of sleep, sleep and more sleep
If only that were true
Unfortunately sleeping will be mixed in with a million other things
A family gathering Friday night (sooo excited for my Granny's cooking)
Babysitting the two brats (aka adorable nieces) for a few hours on Saturday
Watching the Riders whoop the Lions on Saturday Night (while also enjoying a few too many vodka cranberries)
FINAAALLY catching up on some of my shows (Hellllo Bones and Glee)
I also have 2 Pinterest projects that I have been putting off foreeeever and would like to complete sometime this century
And of course because it is this close to being October I will be decorating for Halloween
Gawddd, I'm stressing myself out already with this list
Good things it's Thirsty Thursday

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