October 9, 2012


On Friday I went to get a much needed and long overdue haircut on my lunch break.My hairdresser LOVES big hair and always goes a little overboard with the backcombing so I always look a little out of character after leaving the Salon.
I had fifteen minutes left to kill on my break so I stopped at the liquor store to grab some drinks for the long weekend. While I was waiting in line to pay a lady I know from my hometown lined up behind me. When it was my turn to pay I got ID. I NEVER get ID so I figured it was probably because of the hair. I had never dealt with the lady working the til before so I was a little surprised when she she said:
"Can I see some ID? Not that I probably need it I think I see you in here all the time"
SERIOUSLY?! She did not just say that! I WAS MORTIFIED! NO, I do NOT go in ALL THE TIME.
To make matters worse, I was paying with a mother effin gift card. Nothing says your a regular somewhere like paying with a gift card.
I can only imagine what the lady behind me was thinking in her head. I prayed for the ground to open and swallow me up.
I hightailed it out of there as fast as I could without acknowledging her once... and then I sat in my vehicle and drank everything I had just bought
Just kidding...maybe

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