November 29, 2012

Celebrity Sightings . . .


 Living in SE Saskatchewan doesn't give me many opportunities for celebrity sightings. But thankfully I have done my fair share of travelling and had some pretty awesome celebrity encounters
Me and Captain Jack Sparrow (aka Johnny Depp) on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean . . . cuz you know, I've been to the Caribbean . . .

While attending a party at the Playboy Mansion I was hand picked to hop in bed with Hef and pour his champagne . . . cuz you know, I've been to California. . .

Little known fact about myself : I am a direct descendant of JFK. True Story. I also traveled back in time for a picture with my Granddaddy. . . cuz you know, that's possible and shit. . .
Ok so maybe I have spent a little too much time at Wax Museums on my vacations . . .  but a girl can dream!
I did however have an ACTUAL celebrity encounter on one of my many trips to Vegas
While in Vegas in June of 2011 for my 'Twin's' 21st birthday we partied at Gallery Nightclub at our hotel, Planet Hollywood
It turned out that Christopher Mintz-Plasse (aka McLovin) was having his birthday party at the club
Here he is telling one of his handlers to pick me and my girlfriends to dance with him in the VIP area keep an eye on the crazy chicks that kept yelling 'McLovin' over and over . . .which definitely wasn't me and my friends . . .

Then that same night we had another celebrity sighting:
The Pussycat Doll Burlesque Saloon is attached to Gallery and we headed over to check out the show. We spent most of the night over there because it wasn't as crowded as Gallery. Later on in the night I see none other than the founder of the Pussycat Dolls herself, Robin Antin, walk in. I started freaking out right away (lets remember I'm from a small town, I don't see 'celebrities' very often, even the D list ones), saying 'OMG, that's Robin Antin! Robin Antin is here! We NEED to get a picture with her'.  This is what I heard back from my girlfriends :*Crickets*  Followed by: 'Who the hell is Robin Antin?'
My response: 'shecreatedthepussycatdollsandshehadtheshowsontvaboutfindinganewdollandthatgirliciousgroup... OMGIcan'tbelieveshe'shere!!'
My friends had to ask me to repeat myself a few times because I was so excited my words were coming out so fast and were all jumbled together
They finally understood me enough to realize this chick was semi-famous enough for us to want to get our picture taken with her. . . and then the next day they kept having to ask me 'what was her name again?'
Some people need to watch more television or pick up an US Weekly a little more often . . .
We were also this close to being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that night. . . but that's a post for another day
Looking forward to reading about everyone else's 'Celebrity Sightings'. Make sure you check them all out over at Holly and Erin's blogs!

November 28, 2012

What I'm Loving . . .

i'm loving . . .
that the Canada Cup of Curling starts today! (I LOVE curling - it's a sport, fyi). My mom and I had planned on attending the event but life got in the way so we will have to settle for watching it on TV :(
i'm loving . . .
Sons of Anarchy. . . (Jax Teller has a loooot to do with it). I NEVER thought I would be interested in a show like this but I am in LOVE
i'm loving . . .
This holiday mug. . . I love Christmas and coffee almost as much as I love my
family (maybe more . . . jk!) so I love being able to put the two things together
 as always i'm loving . . .
Pinterest. . . If I am having a rough day all I need to do is check out the 'Humour' section and it makes my day so much better. This is EXACTLY how I feel right now about my current employment
What are you loving?

Happy Hump Day!


November 26, 2012

Intervention . . .

Today's post is going to be short and sweet

This weekend I fell in love . . .

With a TV show

I started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix on Friday night because I was trying to put myself to sleep and thought to myself  'Hey, that show seems lame, just watch it and you'll fall asleep no problem'. WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, Wrooooong!

I barely left my house all weekend because I was so wrapped up in it. The only time I stepped foot out into the great outdoors was to head out for drinks at the bar in town on Saturday night. . . And a couple of times I questioned why I was out having fun with friends when I could be watching SOA (my tweets are testament to this). Is there some kind of intervention for this?!?!

You may or may not hear from me again until I have finished the last episode of Season 4. . .  which actually shouldn't take me all that long at the rate I have been going

Of course I have other stuff to update on but my brain isn't pleased with the measly two hours of sleep it got last night and with the 6 cups of coffee I have chugged back today I just am not able to function enough to write out a detailed post

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow and back to normal

If you don't hear from me again it's probably because I headed south in search of a fictional town in California called Charming . . .

November 21, 2012

What I'm Loving . . .

i'm loving . . .
'Better Dig Two' by The Band Perry. I first heard it when they performed at the CMA's and ever since I have been OBSESSED! I would listen to it all day long if I could
i'm loving . . .
Fruit. I would eat fruit at every meal (if I could afford to. This shit aint cheap!)
Lately I have been having a fruit salad every morning for breakfast. I'm usually lazy and buy the pre-made stuff at Sobeys
i'm loving . . .
Pinterest. Every night before I go to sleep I browse Pinterest. It's also good for my lunch break where I am stuck in 'the city' with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Or for the times at the Dr's office (have an appointment today, boooo) when your appointment is pushed back TWO EFFING HOURS (yes, it really happens)
and of course
i'm loving . . .
my two adorable nieces. Don't know what I would do without these two
What are you loving?

Happy Hump Day


November 20, 2012

25 Days . . .

I JUST REALIZED IT IS ONLY 25 DAYS UNTIL MY TRIP TO MEXICO! Eeeeek. I think I am having a mild panic attack right now

I have always been a planner and a list maker - I get anxiety if I don't have a plan. Everytime I travel I make a list at least a month before I leave. Yesterday I started writing out my list of items to pack

After writing out the list I realized something: I am not the least bit prepared!!! I have exactly one bathing suit. ONE! For a 7 day trip. WTF I am going to do?!

I tried to order another swimsuit off of Victoria's Secret yesterday and the website was acting up. Don't they know I am in a time crunch here?!

It has also sunk in that 25 days just isn't going to be enough time to give me Heidi Klums body. (Dang). BUT I do have a plan to at least be down a few pounds before I hit the beach. I'll admit I missed a few workouts in the last couple of weeks with everything I had going on but I am not going to allow any more excuses! I am going to keep doing The Shred in the mornings but am also going to add some extra cardio in the evenings

I drank my weight in vodka on the weekend so that probably didn't help with anything. . . AND I have a stagette to attend this weekend so I am definitely going to have to come up with something extra to do to balance out the booze. The bride has already let everyone know that there will be plenty of Jello shots to go around (so expect another post about my massive Sunday hangover) and for some reason I just can't say no to free booze shots

At least I don't have to worry about a Turkey coma this week - Thanksgiving was over a month ago for me. Although I may or may not have tried convincing my family we should celebrate American Thanksgiving since we live so close to the border . . .  It's probably a good thing they said no . . .

November 19, 2012

Weekend Update . . .

Normally I feel stuck in a rut on Mondays, not sure what to blog about but for the next few weekends I have so much to do that I will actually have a weekend to update on. There's not usually much to do around these parts during the winter months so I am going to embrace it!
Friday was a complete whirlwhind. I was up at 4:45 am to get ready for work and was out of the house by 5:45 to make it to work for 6:30. My day sped since I was there so early (sometimes I wish I worked this early all the time) and before I knew it it was 2:30 and I was off. I went and got my hair cut and my hairdresser congratulated me for actually coming in for my 6 week trim when it had been 6 weeks and not 4 months - Seriously, my hairdresser had started to threaten calling ME to set up the appointments, that's how forgetfull I can be. So yay me for remembering! I then ran around 'the city' like a mad woman, picking up a last minute donation for the auction, grabbing dainties for the intermission, and getting last minute costume additions for Ladies Night. I sped home as fast as legally possible then headed 20 minutes in the opposite direction to grab my nieces from daycare. Then it was off to finish last minute details and get ready for the auction. We had so many awesome donations this year - the community support for our centre is amazing.
We haven't received a total yet but we did a rough estimate that night and came up with $11,500  which is wonderful!  

My favourite tree - It was called 'Merry & Bright' and had a 'Grinch-y' vibe to it. Would have loved to have been able to take it home- It went for $650 and is being donated to the local hospital
My SIL decorated this tree for her workplace - 'Black Magic' went for $800
 Some 'Jingle Table' items (aka Chinese Auction)

 A live auction item - a family game night - it's always a hit at the auction and goes for a high price. This ended up at my parent's house, bought by my Dad's company, to the tune of $800
I absolutely adore the plush woodland animals donated to our silent auction. They were bought at Kohl's and I am hoping I can head across the border one of these weekends and find something similar
Saskatchewan Roughriders mirror for the live auction. In our experience, anything that has to do with the Riders goes for a good price. I think this item went for $800
Sometimes I feel like I give so much to the community organizations that I am on and don't give myself enough 'me time'. But then after a night like this I feel so proud that I was a part of something special and was able to help my community out and ensure that our family centre is able to keep operating and offering such a great service to the small town that I call home
I didn't get to unwind at all on Saturday from my crazy week - I was up early putting last minute touches onto my costume for ladies night. Each table at Ladies Night came up with their own themes to dress up as - our table chose the theme 'Superheroes'. Rather than be a typical superhero, I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle. So me, my SIL, her cousin, and one of my BFF's
from high school made some awesome costumes and rocked the eff ouf of them (if I do say so myself . . .)
Getting ready to head to the event and my bro had to take a picture. He was OBSESSED with Ninja Turtles when he was little (confession: so were me and my sis). He uploaded it to Instagram and his caption says it all - he admitted before we left he was a little jealous he couldn't come to

 My friend 's tables theme was 'Gypsy's' - somehow I ended up taking a tambourine home that night
 I think I have these to blame for the massive headache I had on Sunday morning. It definitely wasn't the bottle of wine I chugged before we headed out or the shots of vodka I ingested. Nope, it was definitely all due to the jello shots. For future reference, 75 jello shots between 6 people is probably a bad idea

Me and the SIL
We closed the place down - a good night was definitely had by all
On Sunday morning my cousin and I were texting back and forth about our massive hangovers. I commented that I am glad Ladies Night only happens once a year - as much fun as it is I am definitely not as young as I once was. In College I did this every night AND went to class or practicum everyday AND was on the honour roll. Now I can't even handle one night out without staying in bed all day the day after. Go figure
We already have a theme for next year (if there is a next year . . . JK I don't buy into the whole the world is going to end). Any guesses what our theme will be??

November 15, 2012

Busy. . .

I feel like I fell off the face of the earth for a week. (The blogging world at least.) I blinked and a whole week went by.

This week was a short work week due to Remembrance Day and I normally do my blogging on my lunch break at work so Monday was out for me. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday BOTH of my cooks at work called in sick. So yours truly was called into cooking duty. I literally didn't sit at my desk for more than ten minutes COMBINED in those two days. I didn't even have time to browse blogs on my lunch break (oh the humanity!!)

I took today off because we had to be at the church to set up for the EFC's Tree Auction tomorrow night. I am a board member for the EFC (Expressway Family Centre). Each year we do a Tree & Wreath Auction fundraiser. We ask businesses and members of the community for donations and auction them off on the night of our fundraiser. We spent the day setting up at our location and our community did not disappoint! There are so many cute items up for grabs! (Pictures to come. You can also check them out on my Instagram - Username: ChigleChic) BUT because I live in Oil Country I will get outbid on almost everything :(. Sad for me but very good news for the family centre that is desperately in need of funds.

Tomorrow night is the big night which means I have to mess with my work schedule again to make sure I am there on time.  I have to be at work at 6:30 IN THE MORNING! Which means I need to leave my house at 5:45. There will be no early morning workout for this girl tomorrow! I get off work at 2:30 and have to rush to get to my hair appointment and then run all over 'the city' to grab last minutes items for both the tree auction AND for ladies night out on Saturday. Seriously. Busiest week of my life.

But so worth it :)

November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters . . .

Dear Snowstorm: please decide if you are going to dump a shit load of snow on the prairies or not. This girl wants to go shopping! Dear Long Weekend: Thank you for finally arriving! You should come around more often. Dear Stephen Amell: Where have you been all my life?! I'm Canadian, you're Canadian . . . that pretty much makes us soulmates. Dear Self: Just because the leftover Halloween candy is there DOESN'T MEAN YOU NEED TO EAT IT! Dear Riders: please, please PLEASE pull off a win this weekend! I'd like to be able to watch Grey Cup and actually give a crap this year. Dear Pinterest: Please be kind this weekend and let me get other things accomplished other than planning my wedding to Stephen Amell. It would be much appreciated.
Linking up with Ashley for Friday's Letters

November 7, 2012

What I'm Loving . . .

i'm loving . . . I know I already posted about this but I am LOVING that my car SOLD! I'm on cloud 9 right now
i'm loving . . . that the new Tim Hortons that is extremely close to my work is almost complete! Now if only a Starbucks would set up shop . . . A girl can dream...
i'm loving . . . that I will (hopefully) have a Starbucks in hand by Saturday. Planning a trip across the border to get some Christmas shopping done and a stop at Starbucks is always a must. Hopefully Mother Nature won't interfere with our plans
i'm loving . . . our costumes for Ladies Night Out next weekend! Here's a hint: Cowabunga. I LOVE being able to dress up when its not even Halloween :)
i'm loving . . . these brand spankin' new T-Discs for the Tassimo from Tim Hortons. I'm a coffee lover, what can I say
i'm loving . . . this dress from Victoria's Secret. I'm hoping to order this for Mexico (only 41 more days!)
and finally
i'm loving . . . that this weekend is a loooong weekend!

What are you loving?

Happy Hump Day!

November 5, 2012

Weekend Update . . .

Today I am taking part in the Weekend Update Blog Hop with Dana, Leeann and Sami for the first time!

Friday night I ate leftover Halloween candy and watched episodes from the 1st season of Revenge on Netflix with my sister and Graycie. (I have seen them all but my sister hadn't . . . as much as I LOVE Revenge I may haven fallen asleep on her. . . whoops) At least I fell asleep before I could eat any more candy . . .

I spent most of the day on Saturday catching up on shows that I had pvr'd during the week. I normally have at least two weeknight meetings so I never get to watch my favourite shows (Arrow, Chicago Fire, Nashville, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries) when they 1st air so I have to play catch up on the weekend. The only shows that I get to watch are Revenge (my hands down favourite show) and Once Upon A Time when they 1st air since they air on Sunday nights. Wild horses couldn't drag me away from my tv on Sunday nights

At 8:00 pm we sat down to watch the last regular season game for the Riders. It was AND we lost :( BUT in our defense we left behind a bunch of our good players since the results of the game didn't affect the playoffs. I also invented a delicious new drink to enjoy during the game. I had been dreaming of Vodka Cranberries all day (my guilty pleasure) but when it was time to watch the game I realized I was all out of Vodka (how does that happen?!) I did  have a little bit of Malibu Coconut Rum leftover from the Summer so I worked with what I had. There was a recipe on the back of the bottle that combined a shot of Malibu and orange juice, and cranberry juice. I never would have thought to add cranberry juice to Malibu but decided to try it out anyways. I didn't have any orange juice so I substituted the orange juice with Diet 7-Up... and the results were heavenly! It will be one of my go-to drinks from now on

On Sunday I woke up when my alarm went off at 8 am (if I don't set an alarm on weekends I will NEVER get out of bed). Saskatchewan doesn't do time change, so imagine my surprise when I go upstairs to get coffee later in the morning and see that is in fact 11:40 not 10:40 like I had thought.  For some reason my Iphone decided to participate in time change and I actually woke up at 9:00 am not 8:00 am (good thing it wasn't a weekday!). It may have only been an hour but it really messed with the flow of my day

In the afternoon my Mom asked me to help her get a Pinterest account. When I was setting it up this is exactly what she asked me 'Do you have to have THE Facebook to get Pinterest?'. I can't even make this stuff up . . .

Then the best thing ever happened: Someone called about buying my car, Gretchen. I bought a new vehicle, Eleanor the Equinox, last October and had been half ass trying to sell Gretchen ever since. After a million phone calls back and forth with the potential buyer he let me know that he would be coming THAT DAY to pick the car up. They drove 2 hours (mostly in the dark) and by 7:00 last night my car was sold and I had a shit ton of cash in my hands

Selling Gretchen was a HUGE weight off of my shoulders since I bought Eleanor a year ago and have been making payments on BOTH vehicles. The $ I made off Gretchen will go towards paying what is left on my car loan, a large chunk towards my savings and the rest towards my trip to MEXICO (only 47 days away, but who's counting?)

I really needed this low key weekend because from now on ALL of my weekends are booked up until after Christmas . . .  I had to enjoy the calm while I could

8500 smackaroos... Too bad I have to be responsible . . . A trip to Vegas is much needed . . .
I'm gonna miss my baby :(

November 2, 2012

The Start of Winter on the Prairies . . .

Today did not start off on the right foot AT ALL
I braved icy roads to make the 45 minute drive to work because I had two
important meetings that I did not want to reschedule
I called ahead and informed my staff that I would be arriving
 late due to the 'shit ass roads'
 (my exact words . . . I'm so not a morning person)
Only to get stuck at not one but TWO effin' trains just as I got into 'the city'
Making me 35 minutes late for work
Good thing I'm the boss . . .
As soon as I got to work I logged onto my computer
only to find out that travel was not recommended on the highway I drive to work
that my Throwback Thursday post had disappeared (WTF?!)
I should've just stayed in bed this morning...

'Shit Ass Roads'  
 Train Number 2

November 1, 2012

Say My Name Link Up . . .

Running on Empty

I'm linking up with Janessa and Lora to explain how my blog got its name

Let's start off by saying I am in no way one of those people that is obsessed with the Kardashians (I do like to watch their show and make fun of them if that counts?!)

However, my blog name was partly inspired by the Kardashians

My little bro's FIL calls myself, my 'twin' (aka younger cousin), and my sister 'The Kardashians'. This is HILARIOUS because the only resemblance we have to any of the Kardashians is that we are all on the shorter side and have dark hair. That's it. We aren't millionaries, don't have famous parents, and haven't made sex tapes (that I know of . . . )

Here's the background on WHY he calls us this: My SIL's dad is a DJ and was DJ'ing a local Ladies Night Out fundraiser. The theme of the fundraiser was 'Cupcakes and Cocktails' and everyone was expected to get all dolled up for the event. So we did our hair and makeup, threw on a nice outfit and headed to 'Dodge' to drink our faces off. Her dad says we walked into the room like we 'owned the place' and were all fancified (I think he likes to exagerrate the story a little bit) and thus the nickname was born

When I finally decided to try out blogging again (you can check out my old blog here) I was super stuck on a blog name. I had been watching a Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathon on Netflix (in my defense, I am sure there was nothing else on tv that Sunday afternoon) and thinking about how I should marry Rob so I could be Kayla Kardashian (sounds good doesn't it?!). My SIL and little bro came by the house and I told them about my plan to marry Rob (and divorce 72 days later) so I could get their last name. My SIL brought up how her dad calls us 'The Kardashians' and because I was too lazy to come up with anything better my blog name was born

While browsing through blogs I saw that the name Keeping Up With Kayla (check it out here, super cute blog!) was already taken so I shortened my title to Keeping Up With K . . . to keeps things simple

Maybe one day I will think up something clever to change it to Who am I kidding, never gonna happen ;)

AND like I said in yesterdays post I will be doing a Halloween version of Throwback Thursday later tonight when I have access to my laptop so make sure to check back for some 90's greatness