December 4, 2012

Weekend Update . . .

What is it about weekends that makes them fly by, but weekdays take forever to end?! I was off work yesterday while I was down in the States getting some Christmas shopping done but I am sure this week is going to still drag on just as slow as ever
Recap of my (long) weekend
On Friday I went out for lunch with two close friends. We usually try to get together for coffee or supper once a week but hadn't had time to make it work for a couple of weeks so we had lots to catch up on. Somehow the topic turned to people who carry dogs in their purses. Mallory and I both have Yorkies and were talking about how ridiculous it would be to carry them around in our purses. Later that night I was cleaning out my purse to get ready for my trip across the border when I decided to test out the 'Puppy in a Purse' trend. EPIC FAIL! Kirby is normally around 5 lbs soaking wet and yet when I put her in my completely empty purse I felt like I was carting around a large toddler in there - definitely not for me!
I spent the majority of Saturday baking cookies and other goodies for a Cookie Exchange taking place tonight at a friend's in 'the city'. I made my usual Pioneer Woman Monster Cookies (in Christmas colours of course), Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rickity Charlies, Cake Batter Cookies AND some Eat More Bars (YUM). In the end I had a dozen goodies for each person to take home tonight and three dozen cookies leftover for my family. I am SO glad that I am not a big fan of sweets- out of all those leftover cookies I will maybe have one and the goodies that I get tonight are completely for my family's enjoyment. I LOVE to bake so it works in my favour that I don't actually like to eat the baking :)
Saturday night was my work Christmas Party. We were on the ball this year and had everything planned in November so our Christmas party could take place before Christmas for once instead of closer to February like usual.  A locally owned Ukranian restaurant closed down for the night to accomodate us.The inside of this place is so cozy! We ate some good food, exchanged Secret Santa gifts, played some Minute to Win It games and then butchered sang some Karaoke before calling it a night
On Sunday my Mama Bear, Baby Bro, SIL, and I headed down to Bismarck, ND to get some Christmas shopping accomplished  (pretty much my ONLY chance to do so since it is now only 12 days until I leave for Mexico!)
We shopped until our feet ached on Sunday and then had a relaxing supper (and a few drinks of course) followed by some time at our Hotels pool

My baby bro and his $8 pitcher of Beer. (It made his entire weekend to be able to drink that cheap).  The hotel we stayed at had an indoor 'waterpark' - we were even able to convince Mama Bear to take a whirl at the waterslide - something she hasn't done since I was probably 12 years old

We stopped in Minot for supper on the way home on Monday - no trip across the border is complete without some Deep Fried Pickles from Badlands :)
(Heaven on earth, but soooooo bad for you!)

I went waaaaaay over budget on my Christmas shopping and the weekend was a complete write off for working out (although I did whip out some of my old aquacize moves in the pool on Sunday night) but it was a good weekend so I am okay with it (as long as it doesn't become a habit!)


  1. YUM! I love me some deep fried pickles!

  2. I love them a little too much . . . and they definitely don't help with the weight loss process!


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