January 8, 2013

Bloggers Being a Little Bitch & A Link-Up

Bloggers being a little bitch again and not letting me upload ANY pictures

I think she's holding a grudge since I told her off in my post yesterday. . .

Sorry I'm not sorry for saying you had a stick up your ass, Blogger

Since I ONCE AGAIN (looking at you, Blogger) can`t post anything involving pictures I will just skip to part two of what was supposed to be todays post

Linking up with Laura and Mel for:


What brand and style are your running shoes?
I work-out in Reebok Easytones. I'd show you a picture if Blogger wasn't being Ms. Pissy Pants :(

Why are they your favourite?
Because they're purple? Honestly, I don`t have anything to compare them to, they are the most expensive pair of running shoes I have ever purchased and when I tried them on and walked around the store I felt like I was walking on clouds (it didn`t hurt that I got them at Reeboks outlet store in Vegas and they were at least half off the regular price). I`m not a runner (yet!) so I`m not sure how well they will do regarding running but when I work out in them they don`t give me any problems

Have you had any bad experiences with other brands? Which ones do you avoid?
This is super embarassing to admit but I once bought a pair of running shoes from Wal-Mart for $8 (yes, EIGHT dollars) because I was a poor college student and didn`t feel like dropping cash on running shoes when it could be better spent on booze - priorities ya know.  I was working out with a friend at our College`s fitness centre and didn`t think there was anything wrong with my shoes . . . until I started getting foot pains, knee pains, etc. . . It is NEVER okay to work out in $8 Wal-Mart shoes!! N-E-V-E-R

Do you have more than one pair of running shoes for different types of workouts?
I have a pair of Nike running shoes - not sure what style- that I used in gym class in Grade 10 (a billion years ago it seems) and they were the ones I used until I forgot them in SK while I was in school in AB and bought the horrible $8 shoes. . . I reverted back to the billion year old Nikes until I bought the Easytones a year ago in Vegas.  So I am definitely no expert in the running shoe department! BUT I am hoping to get some insight into some good ones for outdoor running through this link up for when I start in the Spring (and I don`t want any comments about how ``just because its Winter doesn`t mean you can`t run outside`` - I live in small town Saskatchewan and they don`t plow the whole 20 streets that exist ALL WINTER so if I even attempted to run on them I would probably definitely break something)

Have you ever been fit for a shoe by a specialist? Did you find this helpful?
Unfortunately no. Until I reconnected with the blogging world I didn`t even know that shoe specialists existed! I guess thats what you get when you live in the middle of nowhere . . .

So once again here is to hoping that Blogger can get her poop in a group so that tomorrow I can FINALLY post the one blog post that I actually pre-planned! Wish me luck. . .


  1. Thanks for linking up! So funny....I couldn't stop laughing at the $8 running shoes, never a good idea! I hope the linkup is helpful for you, so far it has been for me! Mission accomplished. I'm going to get a pair of Brooks next and break the bank...oh well! It's worth it for my feet!

    1. Yeah my 19 year old self apparently wasn't as smart as she thought she was haha. . . Thanks for thinking up the Link Up . . . Now I just gotta find one of those specialty running stores!

  2. blogger was mean to me today too! I thougth it was just me...I tricked the system though and uploaded my pics to picasaweb and then loaded them on to my blog. Tag that Blogger!!! :)

    1. I'm still learning all the tricks but that's what I'll be doing next time (There better not be a next time! haha) Thanks!

  3. Man.. girl I hear you.. Download Chrome - it might help... Thanks for linking up sister.

    1. Either the Blogging gods heard my prayers or I have you to thank for my post today being able to have pictures. . . All I know is I used Chrome and was able to add pictures FINALLY

  4. I had the same problem and downloaded Google+ on my phone and had all my pics instantly downloaded to blogger. It did take frickin for EVER but it finally worked. URG!

    Just found your blog from the link up- LOVE IT!

    1. I'm honestly afraid to download Google+ . . . I HATE having to learn new things . . . I'm a little technologically challenged haha... Thanks for following!


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