January 18, 2013

Friday's Letters . . .

Friday's Letters with Ashley

Dear Wal-Mart Pharmacist: I have had strep throat more times than I can even begin to count - therefore, I know the 'dangers' of mixing my antibiotics with my birth control pills. I do not need a 20 minute lecture about it! And don't worry, if I somehow did end up pregnant, I wouldn't be "throwing you under the bus" (his exact words) and blaming you for not explaining the dangers of mixing the medications.I have absolutely no intentions of getting pregnant right now- maybe even ever. Spare me the lecture next time, kapeesh?

Dear No-Reply Commenters: Why you no want replies??? It makes me sad when someone leaves me an awesome comment and then I can't reply back :( Check your setttings!

Dear 19-Year Old Self: Good call on the career choice. I bet no one else gets to wear their pajamas to work today. Suckaas

Dear Fat Cat Hank: I'm sorry you had to have a sleepover at the vet. I'll make it up to you with extra treats. On second thought, probably not - you're already fat enough

Dear Bear: I know people are always scared of you but you really are just a big teddy bear

Dear Rae & Graycie: I love you. That is all

Divas in training

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