January 29, 2013

Lets Talk Travel...

I'd like to call myself a globetrotter (and not the Harlem kind) but unless you count trotting off to Vegas every year then sadly, I'm not one... yet

I haven't actually went anywhere further than Mexico since I went to Europe in 2003

So I'm not so much a globetrotter as I am a North America-trotter (insert super embarassing story here: I didn't know that Mexico was a part of North America until last year... when I was 24... thank you Canadian educational system)


Last year I went to Vegas, NYC/Pennsylvania and Mexico

I loved every aspect of each of my trips but they bled my bank account dry

If my friend hadn't gotten married in Mexico I wouldn't have made another big trip last year, especially that close to Christmas but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see her get married, could I?! Probably

I've been budgeting, stretching every last dollar and saving like crazy for a down payment to buy my own home... even though I'm 99.9% certain I don't want to live in O-town forever

Crazy, right?

When I travelled to NYC I fell in LOVE. And I made myself a promise that someday I would live there. Even if its only for a month. I just want to experience everything a big city has to offer

So my plan:  Keep saving for that down payment, just in case. But I'm also going to start a seperate savings so I can keep traveling. And maybe I will fall in love with another city. Who knows

I will be heading off to Vegas this April or May for sure. I've been talking with a friend about a weekend trip to Minneapolis and with my Twin about a trip to Phoenix. As much as it makes sense to take a break from traveling to save money I just can't do it. Once you start traveling you can't stop

Within the next two years I want to go back to NYC and San Antonio/New Braunfels and Chicago is at the top of my 'destination list'

One day I will make it back to Europe and experience the things that a 15 year old couldn't bother to care about

And I will live in NYC someday. I can't break a promise to myself! :)

What are YOUR travel plans this year? Any suggestions for my destination list?


  1. Oh my goodness, this is right up my alley... I love love love to travel and explore new places! I want to live in NYC too... I've always said that after my kids are grown, I'll move to the city if even just for a month or two... to live there, to soak it all up, etc.! I need a big bank account to go along with all of the places I want to travel!

  2. Let me know when you're coming to Minneapolis! I'm like 20 min away!

    Also, so jealous of all your travel. My most impressive trip was China. When I was 16. With the high school band. (It gets less impressive as you read, yeah?)

    I've done the typical Midwest travel route with the fam (Old Faithful! Mount Rushmore! The Grand Canyon!), Colorado in the summer, Florida (Disney World only), L.A. (On a business trip...8 hours in a hospital each day), and Chicago. Oh! And Hawaii--honeymoon. BEST place EVER for newlyweds! You gotta get there!

  3. I'm the same as you- I totally love traveling! I blow all my money on it but to me it is totally worth it- I'd rather travel than anything in the world. I'm trying to cinvince my husband that we need to splurge and take a big trip this summer. We'll see if he buys it :) Just found you blog and have loved getting to know you- I"m excited to follow along!

    new follower :)


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