January 10, 2013

One of Those Days . . .

Today is just one of those days where you start to write a blog post . . . and all you do is sit and stare at the computer screen

Its not that I don't have lots to share or say

I just don't have the drive to do it today

So instead I leave you with some recent pictures that didn't make the final cut to Instagram 

Yeah that's right, PICTURES, Blogger

(As you can see, I'm still a little bitter towards Blogger about the start of the week)

 Rae is sick with Scarlet Fever (yuck!) so she has been off school since Tuesday and hanging out with Grandma and Papa during the days. She's been colouring up a storm. I LOVE seeing all her artwork and most of it usually finds its way to my office at work to be displayed

 There is nothing better than coffee and a good book on the Nook when you can't sleep in 
and it's too gross outside to do anything
(Of course this is from the weekend - I never get to sleep in past 5 am on weekdays - boooo to commuting to work)

Snuggles with Kirby as we 'supervised' my Mama Bear taking down her Christmas tree
It was waaay to early in the morning for me to be productive

Speaking of that, I found this shirt on Pinterest last night and I absolutely NEED it!
I absolutely need this shirt so people would finally take a hint!
Source: wanelo.com via KRMathison  on  Pinterest
I have told my staff at least a billion times that I am NOT a morning person and that they shouldn't even attempt to talk to me unless I have had at least one cup of coffee - yet they still don't get it

Maybe if I start wearing this shirt every day they'll take the hint???

Aaaand of course I couldn't leave out a picture of my Graycie Bear

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  1. I used to tell my staff the same thing... Surprisingly they would leave me alone until I surfaced out of my office around 9am! ha


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