January 30, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


Can I get a whoop whoop to these fellas from all of my ladies

(Any one else got that song in their head now? Just me? Ok, moving on...)

The reason for the whoop whoop?

I hit the 10 lbs lost mark!!

Happy Dance

I was completely floored when I stepped on the scale this morning. I was expecting a gain, so imagine my surprise when I saw my biggest weekly loss to date (3 lbs) and realized that I was officialy at 10 lbs lost

I ate out three times last week (when I normally only eat out about once a month) because I had family in 'the city' during the week that I had lunch dates with. Add that to the fact that I didn't start working out with Jillian  again (after being sick for 2 weeks) until Saturday and I didn't think I was going to like what I saw on the scale AT ALL.  It may have also had something to do with the fact that I ate gummy bears for dessert last night... In my defense I did have points left for the day...

So to say I was a little scared to step on the scale today is an understatement. But I'm happy I did and am hoping that that number just keeps going down every week

Heres the thing though: I haven't noticed a single difference in myself. When I first started this lifestyle change I thought for sure that I would notice 10 lbs gone. NOPE.  Haven't noticed a difference at all. My cousin noticed and mentioned to my Mom that she thought I was losing weight but if it weren't for the number on the scale going down I would think that my weight stayed the same this whole time

My plan? Take some 'before' pictures - for my eyes only, for now, until I feel comfortable posting - so that I can compare the pictures every few weeks and see if I notice a change then

Anyone else not noticing a difference in themselves after losing??


  1. CONGRATS on the 10 lb goal! I took some before pictures too, that I have hidden in a secret file on my computer, hah! I don't want anyone to see it just yet, so I totally understand! Congrats, again!

  2. Awesome job on 10 pounds! I have my before pictures and then 1 month mark.. I plan to take a picture every month to see the changes. I couldn't tell a difference in the picture but I can in the way my clothes feel... But other people have said they could see a difference in my 2 pictures! I'm hoping to see an even bigger change next month!

    keep it up! you'll see changes soon!

  3. I need to get on this exercise train! You need to whip me into shape and help me stay motivated cuz we both know I'm lazy as shit.

  4. I'm the opposite. The scale barely moved in January but I totally noticed my body changing. I was doing a lot of weight lifting though so I'd say it's because of that.

    BIG congrats on 10lbs lost! Way to go! Maybe you were needing to eat MORE. It seems like a weird concept but some people see a loss when they eat a bit more because they were eating too little before and their body was holding onto the weight because of it. Just a thought :)

    Keep up the awesome work :)

  5. Before I got pregnant, I had lost 20 pounds and couldn't tell where from! Congrats on the 10 pounds. You'll see it soon enough!

  6. I feel like I could've written this same exact post! Yayy for the loss, even though you don't 'feel' it... I'm in the same boat. BUT, one of these weeks they pounds are going to really add up and we'll start noticing a difference. We just need to keep goinggg!!

  7. It took me a long time to notice the change even after I had lost almost 40 lbs. I guess it's cause we see ourself everyday and don't really notice the changes because they happen gradually. I finally started noticing when my clothes got too big. It's nice though when people start to notice the changes.

  8. That's awesome! 10 pounds is great. I have some before pictures for my eyes only too. It helps.

  9. AWESOME job on hitting that 10 lb mark!!!!

  10. I haven't noticed any change in my body, which is a bummer. :( Esther Norine Designs

  11. Fantastic job on the loss!!! I found your blog through the Weigh In Wednesday :) You can follow mine as well at http://beastmodetomilfstatus.blogspot.com

  12. Congrats on the ten pounds lost!! That is a great accomplishment.


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