February 8, 2013

Friday's Letters...


Dear Kirby: Twice this week you have made me incrediby mad but you're just so damn cute that I can't stay mad at you

Could you stay mad at that?! 
Dear Barney, Marshall, Ted, Robin, and Lily: I can't wait to catch up with you this weekend. You've been missing from my life for waaay to long

Dear Instagrammers: Please stop Instagramming pictures of delicious looking soft serve frozen yogurt. You're killing me!

Dear Bladder: I know I've been drinking water lately like its my job but could you please stop waking me up a million times during the night and interrupting my much needed beauty sleep? It would be much appreciated

Dear Pinterest: I haven't been neglecting you lately, I've just been busy. I promise we will get to spend some quality time together this weekend

Dear Someecards: You never fail to put a smile on my face. Keep on keeping on

I was going to do something today but I haven't finished doing nothing from yesterday.
My weekend plans

Hope everyone has a great weekend - See you Monday!

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