February 15, 2013

Snow Day...

Its been another crazy week around these parts

I spent Wednesday night painting at the new early learning centre in my hometown... things are really starting to come together. Hopefully only a couple more months and the doors will be open. Its crazy to think that the building that was once my Aunt's clothing store is now going to be a daycare. There has been so much progess in the building and it makes me so happy to see it moving along finally. Also, painting KILLED my arms. I skipped out on Jillian that day because of the painting party and I am glad I did or I probably wouldn't have even been able to lift my arms the next day

 I woke up to this on my Twitter feed Thursday morning:

I attempted to go to work but turned back around once I realized how bad the roads were

That's supposed to be a highway....

Funny Seasonal Ecard: The scariest part of this snowstorm is that it'll be cleaned up in time for work on Monday.
This is ALWAYS what happens. A big snow storm hits on the weekend ruining all your weekend traveling plans but everything is good to go again by the time Monday rolls around. But not this time!

I haven't had a snow day in a long time so I was LOVING being at home during a weekday

Good thing my Dad owns a backhoe...

My SIL and Little Bro were off work yesterday too so we decided to be kids again and do what we would have done if there were a snow day from school when we were young: go drunk toboganning in the Valley behind my parents house



This was seriously the best.workout.EVER
I can't even begin to count how many times I walked up hills (some that were 5 feet deep with snow)
I could definitely feel it when I got up this morning
 We even got Rae out on the hills for a while when she was done school

Home Sweet Home

 In other non-snow related news - My SIL and I signed up for the fitness centre last night and will be going tonight - wish us luck!

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  1. i live in florida and i wouldn't mind some snow right now! so glad you stopped by my blog :)



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