February 11, 2013

Weekend Update...

 Once again my weekend was pretty low key but I did at least leave the house and I wasn't sick (WHOOP!) so for me it was an alright weekend

I fell asleep at 8:00 on Friday night on the couch. I'm STILL trying to catch up on missed sleep from weeks ago. It's a vicious never ending cycle! So of course with that much sleep I was wide awake at 7:30 the next morning. I LOVE sleeping in since I don't get to very often so I was a little bummed out to be up so early. Normally I would've just read a book on my Nook so I could at least stay in bed a bit longer but I told myself I wasn't buying any books for awhile since I have a tendency to spend all my time reading instead of actually getting stuff done. It was a really, really stupid idea to tell myself I wasn't buying any books though because Melanie Shankle's book, Sparkly Green Earrings, was released on Friday and I have been dying to read it. I'm going to force myself to hold off on buying the book until I get at least half the items on my to do list done.

I volunteer on the board for the Expressway Family Centre in my hometown. Saturday morning we held a 'Superhero Party' from 10:00-12:00. Afterwards I headed in to 'the city' with my sister and her girls to pick up a few things. I normally hate going to 'the city' on weekends since I am there everyday during the week but I needed groceries badly and didn't want to have to stay late on a weekday to grab them so off we went.

Main Street in O-Town (my hometown) on a Saturday afternoon... you  see now why I need to move to a city?!
I hadn't been to the grocery store in forever so I needed to stock up on some fruits and vegetables... $160 later... I hate that eating healthy has to be so expensive!

When I woke up Sunday morning all I could think about was waffles. I was having the biggest craving ever for a waffle. I got a waffle iron for Christmas... aaaaand it hadn't been used since Christmas day.  So I finally pulled it out of the cupboard, dusted it off, and had myself a waffle for 'breakfast' (which by that time was 1:00 in the afternoon). It was delicious (and actually not that bad for points) and I couldn't even finish half of it. I didn't even feel hungry at all come suppertime. Around 8:00 I finally made myself a sandwich and had some cucumber slices. Seriously, soooo filling!

Just looking at the picture is making me drool...

 This was Bear staring at me while I ate the waffle. Even my dog was envious of its deliciousness

The highlight of my weekend?

The day I had been waiting for for weeks finally arrived. The premiere of Gyspsy Sisters on TLC

I LOVED watching the trainwreck that was My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding and I knew that Gypsy Sisters wouldn't disappoint. And it didn't 

It's my new favourite television show

Seriously, if you want to get a really good laugh in on a show that isn't supposed to be a comedy then you should definitely check it out.  I mean, one of the gypsies used MOTOR OIL as a suntan lotion on her SKIN! I can't even make this stuff up...


  1. I was so craving waffles or pancakes on Sunday, but I didn't have the stuff to make them or the time to buy them. Boo! Your breakfast looked amAzing.

    Also, Bear looks like a sweetie!

  2. My daughter got the time wrong for honey boo boo and freaked out when gypsy sisters was on. It was quite funny.

    I saw your waffles on IG and I wanted them then, and I still want them now!! :-)

  3. Gypsy Sisters was too funny!

    ♥ Talia


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