February 13, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


I weighed myself on Monday (my WW weigh in day) and imagine my surprise when this message shows up after I input my weight:


Thanks for making me feel like an anorexic Weight Watchers! I'm thinking the reason for this is because a) it was showing a 2.5 lb loss in 5 days and b) I didn't track much on the weekend. I still track in my head since I know the points plus values of my go to food but sometimes on the weekends I just don't think about inputting all the information

It definitely isn't because I'm starving myself peeps. My sister can attest to that fact. We went into 'the city' on Saturday and I ate soooo bad (Chicken Burger from A & W, Iced Capp and two -yes TWO - chocolate dipped donuts from Tim Hortons). So like I said, definitely not starving myself. I guess I need to be tracking absolutely everything and not letting it slide on the weekends so I don't get anymore of those 'warnings'

In other news, Vegas is finally booked. I'll be back in my happy place from April 15-20th so that means I NEED to step it up with Operation Red Bikini so I can wear a fabulous bikini while I lay poolside and drink bottomless margaritas 

My SIL and I are going to start using the fitness centre at my hometown next week and I am so excited that I will finally be able to run. All I have wanted to do lately is RUN and since I live in the Great White North it  has just been a dream. But not anymore - I'm so glad I have finally been able to convince someone to be my gym partner! Here's to hoping we can stick with it!


  1. I think it is great that you are able to lose weight. Weight Watchers needs to simmer down and say, "Congratulations!" Good luck with Operation Red Bikini!

  2. Stoping by from the link up! Yeah for a loss!!

  3. I used to do WW and would get so annoyed at that message... like yayy for losing weight, but don't lose too much because you're being unhealthy! :/ Good job on the loss though and yayy for Vegas... that makes me jealous. Add in the bottomless margaritas and I'm sold!


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