March 5, 2013

Dogs Are Babies Too Link Up...

I've always been a dog person, probably because almost all my life my family had a dog as not only a pet, but a part of the family. I can't imagine not having a dog. It just seems weird to me to think of people that don't have pets. Not that I am judging anyone for not having pets - I know how much work they are - but I'm just one of those people that thinks a family needs a pet

For 13 years we had one pet, a dog, Misty

She was all alone for 13 years before we got another pet. 
(I started writing about my first dog, and best friend, Misty but after writing and writing and writing I realized that her story is a post for an entirely different day. If you're a dog lover or like to read stuff that will make you cry, check back soon)

Now my family has three dogs and three cats but no one wants to hear about them and I swear they are the most spoiled dogs on the face of the earth

A few examples:
  • My dad cooks them supper everynight. Yep. Never cooks for anyone else in the family but his dogs get a hot 'meal' everynight
  • If I am dog sitting while my parents are out of town my Dad will check in to make sure I am feeding them their hot 'meal' 
  • There have been times I have had to sit on the floor because the dogs are taking up all the room on the couch
  • My dad owns a trucking company and the dogs go to work with him. They pile into his truck and head off to work with him. The dogs are well known by all the riggers in the area
  • Our backdoor neighbours don't have a dog. But they buy our dogs treats and Babies goes over to visit all the time
  • They get to dress up in adorable Halloween costumes that they LOVE wearing Who am I kidding, they HATE them, but since I love them they gotta deal

  • Costumes aren't just for Halloween either:
Funny story about those ears. I bought one for each dog two years ago at PetSmart. They were on sale so I figured 'why not', they would be SUPER adorable on the puppies. Then I got to the cash register. And they weren't on sale unless you were a PetSmart member (which I was not). FOURTY DOLLARS later I had three reindeer ears that stayed on each dog for about 2.5 seconds. Ungrateful pups
  • They have nicknames
Kendee- Babies, Bear
Tuff- Tuffer, Tufferton, Woody
Kirby: Kirby Birby, Kirbster, Kuwbee

Bear in her Harley Davidson shirt that I bought her for Christmas one year while I was in College. My poor college self dropped fifty doll-hairs on that only to have her get to fat to fit it

Kirby's 1st day as a part of our family 

Tuffer joined my family on a whim. My mom came up to the Hat to move me home for good after I convocated College and I convinced her to go to the pet store to look at kitties. $700 later we walked out with Tuff. He is a mix between a chihuahua and a long haired chihuahua but you would never know it looking at him now. His daily hot 'meal' has put Tuffer into the obese range and people usually laugh when we tell them what breed he is

Tuffer all grown up and a few  20 L-B's heavier than he was ever supposed to get

Life without dogs?

Dogs Are Humans Too :)


  1. I love your little gang. And you are right, they are definitely very spoiled! Pete doesn't even get a hot meal every night! ;-)

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. My Daisy has the same hot dog costume and probably loves it just as much as your pup does!


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