March 20, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


I'm down 1/2 a lb since my last weigh in and let me tell ya it was a huge sigh of relief to see that number. The weekends St.Patty's day festivities had me more than a little scared to step on that scale

I played beer pong all afternoon with my bro and SIL on Saturday BUT I omitted the beer since I didn't want to bloat. Instead I played with Alive mixed vodka drinks that are only 80 calories and I only had to have a few gulps of beer if I lost the round (which barely happened cuz I'm pro).  In between games or when I was sitting out I drank Malibu Coconut Rum with diet cranberry juice and a splash of 7-UP. And then the three of us decided we needed to hit up the Chinese Restaurant in town and my plan to drink and eat well that day went right out the window

The mixed berry is my favourite and for only 80 calories they are always a Summer staple!

Only two weeks left in Erin's dietbet and I'm starting to get scared. I might need to eat only carrots for a week straight to hit my goal. Oooops. But I WILL make sure I get my $ back!! 

I quit the C25K app. It was just too slow of a pace for me. I made up my own training schedule that lets me go at a faster pace and I am loving it so far.  I know that your supposed to stick with C25K even if you feel you should be going faster but I just couldn't handle it anymore. Hopefully I won't regret it

Last week my SIL and I went to the fitness centre and all the machines were in use so we went in the back room and put on RI30. I've only done it alone before at home and having someone else doing it with me definitely pushed me more. I made sure to do all the moves with no cheats. I'm a competitive person so having someone else to compare myself too made my workout that much better. The room is also surrounded by mirrors and I was shocked to see that the moves I thought I was doing wrong the whole time I did RI30 I had actually always been doing right.  I need to make use of that back room more often!   I woke up the next morning and my legs were on fire. I still made myself go to the gym and fight through it though. My  poor SIL however took 4 days before she could even bend down. She couldn't complain thought because I had forewarned her that Jillian can be a nasty bitch

And finally, I ordered my not-red ORB.  I definitely won't be feeling ready to wear it by Vegas but I'm hoping that by May 31st it'll be a go. (Pictures to come when it arrives). Can't wait for it to get here!

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  1. Good for you! Your journey of weight loss is inspiring! I'm excited for you and cant wait to read about you reaching your goal :)


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