April 30, 2013


I know I said that today I would be posting my guide to Vegas but it is going to wait until tomorrow. Today I have a heavy heart and I just couldn't fathom posting it today while my heart is breaking

Tuff (aka Woody, Tuffer, Tuffy Wuffy, Tufferton) went to be with my Misty in Heaven and it was extremely unexpected. My entire family's hearts are broken and it will take a long time before we are healed. Our pets aren't just pets to us, and Tuffer truly was a part of our family

Today, I have no words. Within the next few weeks I hope that I'll have healed enough to be able to write a post about my Tuffer, but for now the tears are just falling to fast to write any more than I have

Love you Tuffer, forever and always. Say hi to my Mister for me- I know I'll see you both again someday <3

April 29, 2013

Back At It...

I've been MIA for two weeks - but there's actually a reason, I promise! First I was in Vegas, and even though I pondered hitting up one of the computers at the hotel to get a quick post in, sleeping in to get over my hangover won out every time.Then last week I was still struggling to catch up on everything after being on vacation. And since I'm basically working two jobs right now (only one more week of commuting left!) life is kind of crazy!

It's going to get better though. After this week I am down to one job and it's at HOME! Can I get a hallelujah?! I've been daydreaming lately about all the glorious things I'm going to do with my spare time - yes, spare time! Something I haven't had in over 4 YEARS!

So, blogging will be back in full force as of next week. I'm going to make sure to get a few posts in this week too- recap of my Vegas trip and a post about my favourite things to do in Vegas (if you don't like to drink, play beer pong, or eat crap food - this post will not be for you). I'll have it up tomorrow Kate, I PROMISE!

But today I'm going to get back into the world of blogging by recapping  my weekend:

Although it's officially been 'Spring' for over a month now, SK didn't get the memo until this weekend

We FINALLY got into the double digits. After the longest Winter in history, it was much needed

 This picture makes me laugh so hard - you can see the terror on Rae's face

 She caught on really quick after Uncle showed her some tricks (Side note: She does wear a helmet when there isn't someone right there to catch her)

Saturday was my Granny's 73rd birthday. Most of my Dad's side of the family lives in O-town now, though they are all originally from Northern AB, so we had a BBQ at my parent's house to celebrate Granny's birthday with ALL the immediate family in O-town. We ended up with almost 40 people at the house. The food was delicious, as per usual, and it was so nice to get everybody together to celebrate Granny's birthday :)
 Granny and her cake

 Opening the card I gave her. My Grandma is different from most Grandma's - last year I got her a birthday card that said "Happy Birthday Bitch". She gets a laugh out of that kind of stuff. This year her card had a badge on the front that lit up and read "Wild Woman". She wore that badge proudly for the rest of the night

On Sunday I finally let myself catch up on some sleep. Even though I had a bunch of work to get done for my 'other job' I decided that it could wait and basically stayed in bed all day. And it was glorious. It was the 1st Sunday in a long time that I haven't been on the road or had something on the go. And it will probably be the last one for a little while!

April 15, 2013

Winnipeg Wedding...

My weekend started at 3:00 on Friday. I went into work  for the day early and skipped my lunch break so I could leave. I had a hair appointment in 'the city' and then a million things to do to get ready for the weekend and for Vegas

Just after my hair appointment- excited for vacay to officially start!

I had an early morning wake up call for Saturday morning. Myself , the Twin, and three work friends headed up to Winnipeg for our friend (and coworkers) wedding. I was up at 4 am to start getting ready for the wedding. Hair and makeup had to be done ahead of time because we weren't sure if we would be able to check into our hotel room before the ceremony

5 am and ready for the day... a lot of caffeine was consumed on the 4 hour drive to Winnipeg!

When we arrived at the hotel we (luckily) were able to check in early. We headed up the room with half hour to spare before we needed to head down to the ceremony. Five people trying to get ready in one room is no bueno!

Amanda's  husband Norman is Inuit and was born and raised in Nunavut and Amanda moved to Rankin with her family when she was 12 years old, so the wedding ceremony was performed in both English and Inuktitut. It was such an amazing experience to be exposed to the different culture. Everything about the wedding was beautiful - Amanda did an amazing job with all the little touches that brought everything together. And her dress was GORGEOUS

Amanda and Norman giving the Thank You speech. You can't tell in the picture, but Norman is wearing a seal skin vest made by a family member- just another part of their culture that was incorporated into the wedding 

 This was such a special treat - two women - both from different communities in Nunavut- demonstrated Throat Singing. Amanda realized we were confused about what was about to happen so she came to our table and explained what was going on. These women faced off and then sang, from their throats, with the objective being to last until you can get the other person to laugh or smile. In the picture they were throat singing what sounded like the river running over the rocks. It was AMAZING!

Myself and the Twin at the reception. Let's just say there was an open bar and a few drinks had already been consumed by this point...

SS and the Twin

 JB and SJ

The bride's Dad took a bunch of group photos of us all and I can't wait until we get them from him. With the whole open bar situation I wasn't thinking too much about picture taking...

Sunday morning we were up by 10 so we could get some shopping in before we had to head back to Sk. I didn't do a ton of shopping since I leave for Vegas tonight but I did snag a few things that made my day

Kernels popcorn - My high school BFF lived there in College and every time she visited she would bring me back Kernels. I was so excited when I saw the store in the mall
And of course I had to hit up VS and Sephora - can't pass those two up!

I've been wanting the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay for FOREVER. I'd been thinking of grabbing it at Sephora in Vegas but decided I just couldn't wait anymore. I got a really good deal on it in the end so I'm glad I didn't wait

 I can't wait to use it in Vegas!

As you can see it was a busy weekend filled with lots of early mornings and lots of time spent on the highway but I'm so glad I got to watch my friend Amanda M become Amanda E :)

Now it's time for Vegas!!!!!!

April 11, 2013

It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's ok... that I have no idea what I'm wearing to the wedding I'm attending this weekend

It's ok... that I haven't even made a to do list of things that must get done before Vegas

It's ok... that I plan on packing minimally for Vegas and buying new clothes while I'm there

It's ok... to be wishing it was Monday already

It's ok... that I plan on splurging at Supper with friends tonight... I deserve it!

It's ok... that I have a million things on the go

It's ok... that I have yet to read my favourite blogs this week :(

It's ok... to have missed the last 4 episodes of Nashville because life got in the way

It's ok... to want every.single.item from the new VS catalogue

It's ok... to know that I will not make it through the day without a coffee

It's ok... to want lunchtime massages everyday from now on

It's ok... to dream about Adam Levine every night *swoon*

Seriously though, I am stressing myself out like crazy that I have yet to find an outfit for the wedding and that I haven't made my to do list of things to get done before Vegas. The next two work days are going to drag on...

April 10, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


I weighed in this morning and am down 21.5 lbs since I started my journey in January, which also means a total of 1.5 lbs lost since last weeks weigh in. I know I've whined on here before that I'm not where I would have liked to be by the time Vegas rolled around BUT I keep reminding myself that this will be the smallest I have EVER been compared to my 6 previous trips to Vegas - so there's that!

Yesterday morning I was up at 4:45 and off to the gym - a first for this girl. I've been to the gym in the mornings before but never that early. It was so nice to have the place to myself for awhile and to be able to finally run again - I pulled something in my back last week and just walking was painful so working out was completely out of the question. After my run yesterday my back was a little sore again so I went and got a massage on my lunch break today. It was heavenly - I wish I could do that every day! Now I'm just hoping the pain stays away and I'm planning another early gym session for tomorrow morning

With all the stress and emotions with resigning from my position at work and taking on a new position in my hometown I have not had an appetite at all during my workday. The thought of breakfast makes me sick and I have to force myself to eat lunch and even then I only eat half of what I packed. By the time Supper rolls around I am fairly hungry but still don't eat enough to account for barely eating during the day, but I just can't force myself to eat a ton when I have absolutely no appetite. I really hope that once the weekend hits I can de-stress and be able to get back to normal. I have a wedding to attend in Winnipeg this weekend and then I fly to Vegas (FINALLY!) on Monday so I'd really like to be back to my normal self by then. I'll be PO'd if I can't enjoy all the deliciousness that Vegas has to offer!

The hotel were staying at has DVD players in every room so you bet your bottom dollar that Jillian Michaels is coming on  vacay with me! I'm going to bring my running shoes too (just not my expensive ones in case I buy to much and need to leave some stuff behind... Priorities) so we can hit up the fitness centre at the hotel if we're not too drunk

There won't be a Weigh-In Wednesday post from me next week since I will be soaking up the Sun in Vegas  where calories don't count

April 9, 2013


I handed in my resignation at work last Thursday. And it was the hardest decision I've ever had to make in my entire 25 (almost 26) years of existence. As of May 3rd I will no longer be at my current place of employment, where I've worked for over 4 years. Where I started out at the bottom and worked my way to the top. I won't be there anymore. And I still don't really know how I feel about that

My very close friend (and co-worker) bawled (and I mean bawled) when I told her. Which of course made ME bawl. There were tears from others when I told the rest of the staff yesterday. And I know it should make me feel good that they are upset that I'm leaving because it shows what kind of relationship I have with my employees. But it really just makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry

I just have to keep thinking of the positives of my switch in workplaces: I'll no longer spend an hour and a half of my day commuting to work. I'll be making more money starting out than I do currently at a place I dedicated 4 years to. I'll be saving so much money on fuel every month (and that money will go directly into savings for NYC!). I'll be closer to my family. I won't feel so run down from long days at work and on the road. I know this. But it's still hard to think that my last day is looming. May 3rd is going to be a very emotional day. The last couple of weeks have already been so emotional with just thinking of all the possibilities

I'm scared of the unknown. And I hate change. I know that I'll always be welcomed back to a position at my current place of employment but its scary to leave somewhere that you've been for four years. I'm so comfortable where I am know that it's definitely going to take some adjusting to my new position

I'm so, so, sooo glad that Vegas is less than a week away. I'm shutting my brain off for the whole 5 days and not letting myself think about work and all the changes. I'll probably be too drunk to anyways

I'll miss my co-workers (and friends so much). I'll miss the children like crazy. But I feel like this is the next step that I have to take in my career. I'm going to be starting out at a brand new Centre. A centre with only 33 children instead of 90. A HUGE difference when it comes to what my job entails. I'm excited, nervous, sad, happy, confused, weary, elated, panicked, anxious, stressed, and fearful. All of these different emotions at once. And they are playing mind games with me. I think its going to take quite awhile to get all of these emotions under control!

April 4, 2013

Chocolate Bar Bouquet...

This is my first time linking up with Katie and Steph for 'Saw It Pinned It Did It', though I have followed their blogs for awhile now and always make sure to stop by on Thursdays to see what everyone's been 'pinning'

When I first (re) started blogging I imagined my blog would be full of different diy and crafty projects because I LOVE doing them. That was not the case however. Lately life has been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about Pinterest projects, but with my Mom's 50th birthday I knew I needed to pull out all the stops

You can read my post from Tuesday here about the 50 gifts my Sister and I gave our Mom for her big 50th birthday. Part of the 50 gifts was a Chocolate Bar Bouquet (not candy bar, we're Canadian). While looking on Pinterest for different ideas for the 50 gifts I saw this and knew that we would incorporate it into the gift because my Mom is a HUGE chocolate lover

I picked up most of the supplies at Dollarama in 'the city'.  It was much cheaper to purchase the chocolate bars at the $ Store than pick them up at a convenience store or the grocery store. The flower foam and dowels were also purchased from the $ Store. I could've bought the clay pot at the $ Store as well but I grabbed it at Wal-Mart for $1.97. The one thing I did forget was to grab some fake moss to cover up the flower foam (I've used this in the past on other bouquets I've made). Instead I improvised with some bright green tissue paper I had lying around.

It maybe took ten minutes of assembling, and probably would have taken less but I'm a perfectionist and had to make sure everything looked perfect. The instructions are pretty self explanatory: Place the flower foam in a pot, then start taping the chocolate bars to the wooden dowels (make sure you use enough tape that the chocolate bars won't slide off). Once the chocolate bars are all assembled on the wooden dowels start placing them in the flower foam until they look PERFECT. Then cover the flower foam with some fake moss (or in this case some green tissue paper). Voila. You've got yourseld a Chocolate Bar Bouquet :)

When I was halfway done putting it all together I realized I should probably take some pictures of the materials needed to use for blogging purposes. Epic blogging fail on my part 

 The almost finished product (I definitely won't win any photography awards. Dark basements do not make for great pictures!)

The finished product (along with the other items for that category of gifts) complete with an 'M' for Mom

There you have it. Easy peasy but a great gift to give. My mom loved it. I've actually made the mini liquor bottle bouquets for both my Dad and little bro (he's not that little, he can drink!) but since liquor isn't my Mom's thing hadn't had the opportunity to make her something like theirs until now!

Purse Party Link-Up...


Let me start by saying I love link ups like this because I am the nosiest person EVER so this feeds my need to know EVERYTHING!

This is my baby - I've had her (yes, her) for almost two years and used her the whole time without switching. I'm a Coach addict. But I shop at the outlets where I can get a waaaaay better deal. This baby was originally $360 and I got her for $120 at the outlets. I LOVE a bargain. She's made of a shimmery/sparkly material and I absolutely love it. Ever since I bought her I've started building a family and now have a matching wristlet, cross body clutch, and  mini wallet that I call her baby sisters 

PURPLE on the inside (my favourite colour)

When I was in Hershey, PA last Summer I bought a new Coach purse at the outlets there and I have yet to take the tags off of it. I'm just not ready to switch this one out yet!

As you will see below she is usually completely filled and I'm constantly rummaging around trying to find something. I'm one of those people who always wants to be prepared so I always have tons of stuff in my purse - I could never carry a small purse or just a wallet

Here's a list of the contents:

Keys - I actually only use my car keys and the key to my office at work. The rest of my keys are useless but for some reason I keep them. I also have my swipe card for work, my gym pass, and a couple keychains on my keys so they take up a loooot of room in my purse
Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar (my fav!) Hand Sanitizer 
Colgate Wisps
OPI Avojuice Cran & Berry Hand Lotion
Blistex Medicated Lip Conditioner
Blistex  Silk & Lip Protectant (my absolute favourite lip gloss- I usually stock up and have at least 10 at home)
Harley Davidson San Antonio Compact Mirror (Has been moved from purse to purse since I bought it in San Antonio at least 10 years ago)
Contacts Case
Tylenol Muscle Aches and Body Pain
VS Pink Body Splash
Tide To Go Pen
Guess Sunglasses
Vicks Vitamin C Drops
THREE Packs of Gum
Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mitts
Spa Gift Certificate
Nail File
Notepad (my lifeline!)

And the contents of my wallet:

Benefits Card
Debit Card
Sobeys Card
Global Payments Card
Air Miles Card
(Unactivated) Mastercard
Birth Control
$40 in $5 Bills
Sharpie Fine Tip Marker (the only 'pens' I will use)
Co-op Fuel Up To Win Game Pieces
Birth Certificate, Vehicle Info, Movie Gift Certificate, DQ Gift Certificate, A & W Gift Certificate, and a Starbucks Gift Certivcate
$20 in $10 Bills
Various Receipts (I hoard receipts - It's a problem)
Cheques and Chequebook
Flash Drives
And Twoonies, Loonies and other odd change

So as you can see she is mostly just filled with the basics, nothing crazy to see here. I'm excited to check out what everyone else carries for a purse and what's inside them!

April 3, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


Down one more 1lb this week which means I have officially lost 20 lbs total!!!!! 
I would actually be more excited but I weighed myself last Friday before I left for the Queen City and was down 21 lbs so it was sad to see only 20 lbs this morning. The reason for the difference:

The Stagette I attended on the weekend. Booze,eating out, and even more booze did not do anything for my weight loss goals. But I'm realizing that I have to let myself have fun and let go every once in awhile. I'm not going to live my life on a completely rigid diet and never enjoy myself, because what's the fun in that?!

So the effects of the Stagette also means I failed at Erin's DietBet :(  I was thinking about joining another one that's starting today BUT if the Stagette ruined the entire DietBet for me then I know that going to Vegas for 5 days would completely ruin any chances - I'll probably end up heavier than when I left, to be honest

I really think I would have won if I hadn't went to the Stagette. I was thisclose to winning my money back until the boozing happened :( Oh well , I had fun and hadn't really drank since New Years, which for me is a looooong time, so it was worth it

Next week I'm hoping I'll be seeing a whole new set of numbers on the scale, so stay tuned!

April 2, 2013

50 Birthday Gifts for Mama Bears 50th Birthday...

I mentioned in my post yesterday that my Mom's (aka Mama Bear's) 50th birthday was last week. I posted a couple of pictures of the gift my sister and I gave her but wanted to wait until today to go into detail on the present

She is extremely hard to buy for. Every year at her birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas I am stumped on what to get her. And I knew that for her 50th birthday I would have to do something really special

I've seen photos before of gifts of '50 Ways I Love You' and those types of things, but we are not the Hallmark type family, we don't do mushy-gushy lovey-dovey stuff. Of course we love each other but we have different ways of showing it

I saw this pin on Pinterest and it piqued my curiosity. It wasn't quite what I was looking for but I thought that I could expand on it. It seemed like a lot of work but definitely worth it for something like a 50th birthday

I broke down the gifts into five different categories:
  • These are a few of your favourite things...
  • Cuz' you're only going to get older...
  • To help you stay young at heart...
  • For the feet that have been carrying you for 50 years...
  • Just because we love you...
These are a few of your favourite things...
#'s 1-18 were all some of her favourite things. A chocolate bar bouquet (she LOVES chocolate), her favourite tea and coffee, and some of her favourite snacks
 Cuz' you're only going to get older...

#'s 19-24 were all gag gift items purchased from the Dollar Store. You can't do a 50th birthday gift without including some items to remind the birthday boy or girl that they are old as dirt now. So this category included a floppy hat (to protect her delicate skin from *more* wrinkles), a notebook (to write things down before she forgets them), denture cleanser (because it's inevitable), a money saving tip of the day calendar (to help her save for retirement) and a pill splitter and an ice pack

To help you stay young at heart...

#'s 25-31 were all items to help her stay young and keep up with the times. This category included an insulated tumbler (for day drinking), an US Weekly magazine (to help her keep up with the Kardashians), a tattoo (50 tattoo nonetheless), Lululemon thong underwear (she looked at me like I was crazy with that one!), some youth code skin cream, VS perfume, and of course some shot glasses (to help relieve her youth)

For the feet that have been carrying you for 50 years...
#'s 32-45 were all items to help the aching feet that have been carrying her for 50 years. I made a pedicure in a bucket out of some of the items. This category included nail polish, spa socks, nail polish remover wipes, callus foot cream, and a variety of pedicure spa tools. My sister and I weren't prepared for the fact that she told us we know owe her weekly pedicures...

And finally

Just because we love you...

#'s 46-50 were just some special extras. I bought a nice photo album and filled it with a bunch of pictures of family and friends (lots that she hadn't even seen before), a new book (all of her children inherited her love of reading), a yummy smelling candle, the new Blake Shelton CD (we love our country music!) and a personalized mug (not the final mug - I need to get my hands on an oil based sharpie before she gets the right mug)

They were all then packaged up into their different categories (complete with the list of items). I think she was really surprised with the gift and got a kick out of all the items in the different categories

Now, the only thing we didn't think of is that my Dad turns 50 exactly two months after my Mom and we pretty much have to do something equally awesome for him so I better start looking now!

April 1, 2013

My Weekend In Pictures...

Thank goodnes for long weekends although I would've preferred an even longer one. This one seemed to fly by with the blink of an eye

Friday AM I was up bright and early to get ready to head to the Queen City for the night for a work friend's Stagette (what we call bachelorette parties here in Canadaland, FYI)

The Twin and I headed into 'the city' where we met up with the other girls to carpool to the Queen City

The Bride-to Be was already in the Queen City - she had went up the night before with her Fiance to drop him off at the airport in the AM for a week in the mountains for his stag

We thought about going shopping but the only thing any of us were concerned about was getting alcohol so we went on the hunt for a liquor store. There are liquor stores everywhere in the City BUT because it was Good Friday the government ran liquor stores were all closed so we had to go across the city just to find an open store

Once we finally got our alcohol in hand we abandoned plans for shopping and decided just to head back to the hotel to do some day drinking

 Our fridge wouldn't shut completely because of a build up of ice so the Twin grabbed a coat hanger and attacked the ice... I'm pretty sure the front desk thought we were hacking a person up into tiny little pieces...

 We presented the bride-to-be with a list of tasks she needed to complete before the night was over. One of the first things was to do three shots in a row so she got to work fast

 The things that amuse drunken women - our lamp was loose from the socket and anytime anyone touched the chair the lamp would go on and off... The Twin played the drums on the chair and we literally laughed for at least 5 minutes... I almost felt sorry for the other hotel guests... almost

 We were standing out in the hallway between our two rooms before heading off to supper being super loud  and this guy opened his door. We were expecting to be told to be quiet but instead he took one look at the bride-to-be all decked out in her outfit then disappeared back into his room. He re-emerged five seconds later with a guitar and proceeded to serenaded her with 'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off'. I couldn't even make this up!

 Berry Sangria at Applebees. Hands down the best sangria I have ever had - I could drink them all day long. And yes we celebrated at Applebee's- it was the bride-to-be's choice. She grew up in Rankin, Nunavut where there are definitely no Applebee's so she had never been before. I've always thought I grew up in a small town but I would never trade O-town for Rankin!

 One item on her list was to take a picture in the mens washroom. Just as she was headed there a man walked into the bathroom. Here she was pretending she had a purpose while waiting for the man to be done with his business

 Later on back at the hotel we were playing drinking games in our room. One of the girls with us  was only 18 and we felt we had lots of good advice to pass down to her. The gem above came from yours truly. Everytime we came up with something 'clever' we would have her write it down on the hotel's notepad. Drunk K decided she needed to Instagram her words of wisdom to the youngen

And then. Oh, and then. One of my professional idols, the Ooey Gooey Lady, COMMENTED on the photo. I had a fan girl moment and then went 'Oh shit. The Ooey Gooey Lady just wrote boobs on my IG'
Not cool, K. Not cool

 Playing Drink If... I'm very competitive when it comes to games and drinking games are no exception. Unfortunately drunk K wasn't realizing that getting the answers correct wasn't a good thing. It meant I had to drink more. Epic fail

 The Bride-to-be in her tacky outfit. #Sorrywe'renotsorry. It's every bride's right of passage

 The aftermath. I even took one for the team and finished a drink the next morning that hadn't been drank the night before. That's how I roll...

I got back to O-Town around 3:30 on Saturday and quickly got to work assembling my Mama Bear's 50th Birthday present. Her birthday was on 24th but with travelling with my Dad for work, and my Grandma being in the Hospital in the Queen City I hadn't even seen my Mother since last Saturday

 50 gifts organized into different categories. I'll be posting tomorrow about the idea, so stay tuned. Way more pictures to come!

 Rae helping Grandma go through them all

 Graycie going through the photo album full of family pictures. She hates getting her picture taken but was mad that she wasn't in every single picture...

On Sunday my little bro and SIL went over to my Grandma's for a visit. We stayed for about an hour and a half visiting with her and two of our Aunties. Great way to spend Easter Sunday morning :)

 Afterwards we headed back to my parents house and my brother got out his guitar and played some songs. He's been teaching himself how to play and he's actually pretty good! 

 The girls and Toni showed up just before Supper and the girls showed us everything that the Easter Bunny had brought them

Graycie finally let me take some pictures of her

It was definitely a very busy weekend and a bit of a whirlwind but was a great way to spend the Easter long weekend!