April 2, 2013

50 Birthday Gifts for Mama Bears 50th Birthday...

I mentioned in my post yesterday that my Mom's (aka Mama Bear's) 50th birthday was last week. I posted a couple of pictures of the gift my sister and I gave her but wanted to wait until today to go into detail on the present

She is extremely hard to buy for. Every year at her birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas I am stumped on what to get her. And I knew that for her 50th birthday I would have to do something really special

I've seen photos before of gifts of '50 Ways I Love You' and those types of things, but we are not the Hallmark type family, we don't do mushy-gushy lovey-dovey stuff. Of course we love each other but we have different ways of showing it

I saw this pin on Pinterest and it piqued my curiosity. It wasn't quite what I was looking for but I thought that I could expand on it. It seemed like a lot of work but definitely worth it for something like a 50th birthday

I broke down the gifts into five different categories:
  • These are a few of your favourite things...
  • Cuz' you're only going to get older...
  • To help you stay young at heart...
  • For the feet that have been carrying you for 50 years...
  • Just because we love you...
These are a few of your favourite things...
#'s 1-18 were all some of her favourite things. A chocolate bar bouquet (she LOVES chocolate), her favourite tea and coffee, and some of her favourite snacks
 Cuz' you're only going to get older...

#'s 19-24 were all gag gift items purchased from the Dollar Store. You can't do a 50th birthday gift without including some items to remind the birthday boy or girl that they are old as dirt now. So this category included a floppy hat (to protect her delicate skin from *more* wrinkles), a notebook (to write things down before she forgets them), denture cleanser (because it's inevitable), a money saving tip of the day calendar (to help her save for retirement) and a pill splitter and an ice pack

To help you stay young at heart...

#'s 25-31 were all items to help her stay young and keep up with the times. This category included an insulated tumbler (for day drinking), an US Weekly magazine (to help her keep up with the Kardashians), a tattoo (50 tattoo nonetheless), Lululemon thong underwear (she looked at me like I was crazy with that one!), some youth code skin cream, VS perfume, and of course some shot glasses (to help relieve her youth)

For the feet that have been carrying you for 50 years...
#'s 32-45 were all items to help the aching feet that have been carrying her for 50 years. I made a pedicure in a bucket out of some of the items. This category included nail polish, spa socks, nail polish remover wipes, callus foot cream, and a variety of pedicure spa tools. My sister and I weren't prepared for the fact that she told us we know owe her weekly pedicures...

And finally

Just because we love you...

#'s 46-50 were just some special extras. I bought a nice photo album and filled it with a bunch of pictures of family and friends (lots that she hadn't even seen before), a new book (all of her children inherited her love of reading), a yummy smelling candle, the new Blake Shelton CD (we love our country music!) and a personalized mug (not the final mug - I need to get my hands on an oil based sharpie before she gets the right mug)

They were all then packaged up into their different categories (complete with the list of items). I think she was really surprised with the gift and got a kick out of all the items in the different categories

Now, the only thing we didn't think of is that my Dad turns 50 exactly two months after my Mom and we pretty much have to do something equally awesome for him so I better start looking now!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is all so impressive! You really went all out! I don't think we did anything nearly as cool for my Mom when she turned 50! Great ideas!

  2. how amazing! i love all these ideas. you are one cute daughter!
    xo welltraveledwife.com

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