April 29, 2013

Back At It...

I've been MIA for two weeks - but there's actually a reason, I promise! First I was in Vegas, and even though I pondered hitting up one of the computers at the hotel to get a quick post in, sleeping in to get over my hangover won out every time.Then last week I was still struggling to catch up on everything after being on vacation. And since I'm basically working two jobs right now (only one more week of commuting left!) life is kind of crazy!

It's going to get better though. After this week I am down to one job and it's at HOME! Can I get a hallelujah?! I've been daydreaming lately about all the glorious things I'm going to do with my spare time - yes, spare time! Something I haven't had in over 4 YEARS!

So, blogging will be back in full force as of next week. I'm going to make sure to get a few posts in this week too- recap of my Vegas trip and a post about my favourite things to do in Vegas (if you don't like to drink, play beer pong, or eat crap food - this post will not be for you). I'll have it up tomorrow Kate, I PROMISE!

But today I'm going to get back into the world of blogging by recapping  my weekend:

Although it's officially been 'Spring' for over a month now, SK didn't get the memo until this weekend

We FINALLY got into the double digits. After the longest Winter in history, it was much needed

 This picture makes me laugh so hard - you can see the terror on Rae's face

 She caught on really quick after Uncle showed her some tricks (Side note: She does wear a helmet when there isn't someone right there to catch her)

Saturday was my Granny's 73rd birthday. Most of my Dad's side of the family lives in O-town now, though they are all originally from Northern AB, so we had a BBQ at my parent's house to celebrate Granny's birthday with ALL the immediate family in O-town. We ended up with almost 40 people at the house. The food was delicious, as per usual, and it was so nice to get everybody together to celebrate Granny's birthday :)
 Granny and her cake

 Opening the card I gave her. My Grandma is different from most Grandma's - last year I got her a birthday card that said "Happy Birthday Bitch". She gets a laugh out of that kind of stuff. This year her card had a badge on the front that lit up and read "Wild Woman". She wore that badge proudly for the rest of the night

On Sunday I finally let myself catch up on some sleep. Even though I had a bunch of work to get done for my 'other job' I decided that it could wait and basically stayed in bed all day. And it was glorious. It was the 1st Sunday in a long time that I haven't been on the road or had something on the go. And it will probably be the last one for a little while!

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  1. I am SO excited for your Vegas post! Yay! That'll be something to look forward to in what will sure to be the longest 4 days ever (we board the plan Fridayy)!


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