April 4, 2013

Chocolate Bar Bouquet...

This is my first time linking up with Katie and Steph for 'Saw It Pinned It Did It', though I have followed their blogs for awhile now and always make sure to stop by on Thursdays to see what everyone's been 'pinning'

When I first (re) started blogging I imagined my blog would be full of different diy and crafty projects because I LOVE doing them. That was not the case however. Lately life has been so busy that I haven't even had time to think about Pinterest projects, but with my Mom's 50th birthday I knew I needed to pull out all the stops

You can read my post from Tuesday here about the 50 gifts my Sister and I gave our Mom for her big 50th birthday. Part of the 50 gifts was a Chocolate Bar Bouquet (not candy bar, we're Canadian). While looking on Pinterest for different ideas for the 50 gifts I saw this and knew that we would incorporate it into the gift because my Mom is a HUGE chocolate lover

I picked up most of the supplies at Dollarama in 'the city'.  It was much cheaper to purchase the chocolate bars at the $ Store than pick them up at a convenience store or the grocery store. The flower foam and dowels were also purchased from the $ Store. I could've bought the clay pot at the $ Store as well but I grabbed it at Wal-Mart for $1.97. The one thing I did forget was to grab some fake moss to cover up the flower foam (I've used this in the past on other bouquets I've made). Instead I improvised with some bright green tissue paper I had lying around.

It maybe took ten minutes of assembling, and probably would have taken less but I'm a perfectionist and had to make sure everything looked perfect. The instructions are pretty self explanatory: Place the flower foam in a pot, then start taping the chocolate bars to the wooden dowels (make sure you use enough tape that the chocolate bars won't slide off). Once the chocolate bars are all assembled on the wooden dowels start placing them in the flower foam until they look PERFECT. Then cover the flower foam with some fake moss (or in this case some green tissue paper). Voila. You've got yourseld a Chocolate Bar Bouquet :)

When I was halfway done putting it all together I realized I should probably take some pictures of the materials needed to use for blogging purposes. Epic blogging fail on my part 

 The almost finished product (I definitely won't win any photography awards. Dark basements do not make for great pictures!)

The finished product (along with the other items for that category of gifts) complete with an 'M' for Mom

There you have it. Easy peasy but a great gift to give. My mom loved it. I've actually made the mini liquor bottle bouquets for both my Dad and little bro (he's not that little, he can drink!) but since liquor isn't my Mom's thing hadn't had the opportunity to make her something like theirs until now!


  1. Love this! It needs to go on my to do list!!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog from the SPD link up. So nice to see other Canadian bloggers, hello from Vancouver! I wanna try this for my husband's birthday, he's a chocolate bar nut! :-)


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