April 30, 2013


I know I said that today I would be posting my guide to Vegas but it is going to wait until tomorrow. Today I have a heavy heart and I just couldn't fathom posting it today while my heart is breaking

Tuff (aka Woody, Tuffer, Tuffy Wuffy, Tufferton) went to be with my Misty in Heaven and it was extremely unexpected. My entire family's hearts are broken and it will take a long time before we are healed. Our pets aren't just pets to us, and Tuffer truly was a part of our family

Today, I have no words. Within the next few weeks I hope that I'll have healed enough to be able to write a post about my Tuffer, but for now the tears are just falling to fast to write any more than I have

Love you Tuffer, forever and always. Say hi to my Mister for me- I know I'll see you both again someday <3


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  2. Found your blog by chance, can't even imagine what you're going through. I know how much it hurt and the emotions I went through when my dog was abused at the groomer. Prayers going up for you!

  3. Pets are family and I am so sorry for your loss!

  4. Oh that's not good! I'm so sorry for your loss. You take your time to mourn and don't even worry about the Vegas guide. I hope you and your family are able to focus on the good memories and laugh through the sadness.


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