April 1, 2013

My Weekend In Pictures...

Thank goodnes for long weekends although I would've preferred an even longer one. This one seemed to fly by with the blink of an eye

Friday AM I was up bright and early to get ready to head to the Queen City for the night for a work friend's Stagette (what we call bachelorette parties here in Canadaland, FYI)

The Twin and I headed into 'the city' where we met up with the other girls to carpool to the Queen City

The Bride-to Be was already in the Queen City - she had went up the night before with her Fiance to drop him off at the airport in the AM for a week in the mountains for his stag

We thought about going shopping but the only thing any of us were concerned about was getting alcohol so we went on the hunt for a liquor store. There are liquor stores everywhere in the City BUT because it was Good Friday the government ran liquor stores were all closed so we had to go across the city just to find an open store

Once we finally got our alcohol in hand we abandoned plans for shopping and decided just to head back to the hotel to do some day drinking

 Our fridge wouldn't shut completely because of a build up of ice so the Twin grabbed a coat hanger and attacked the ice... I'm pretty sure the front desk thought we were hacking a person up into tiny little pieces...

 We presented the bride-to-be with a list of tasks she needed to complete before the night was over. One of the first things was to do three shots in a row so she got to work fast

 The things that amuse drunken women - our lamp was loose from the socket and anytime anyone touched the chair the lamp would go on and off... The Twin played the drums on the chair and we literally laughed for at least 5 minutes... I almost felt sorry for the other hotel guests... almost

 We were standing out in the hallway between our two rooms before heading off to supper being super loud  and this guy opened his door. We were expecting to be told to be quiet but instead he took one look at the bride-to-be all decked out in her outfit then disappeared back into his room. He re-emerged five seconds later with a guitar and proceeded to serenaded her with 'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off'. I couldn't even make this up!

 Berry Sangria at Applebees. Hands down the best sangria I have ever had - I could drink them all day long. And yes we celebrated at Applebee's- it was the bride-to-be's choice. She grew up in Rankin, Nunavut where there are definitely no Applebee's so she had never been before. I've always thought I grew up in a small town but I would never trade O-town for Rankin!

 One item on her list was to take a picture in the mens washroom. Just as she was headed there a man walked into the bathroom. Here she was pretending she had a purpose while waiting for the man to be done with his business

 Later on back at the hotel we were playing drinking games in our room. One of the girls with us  was only 18 and we felt we had lots of good advice to pass down to her. The gem above came from yours truly. Everytime we came up with something 'clever' we would have her write it down on the hotel's notepad. Drunk K decided she needed to Instagram her words of wisdom to the youngen

And then. Oh, and then. One of my professional idols, the Ooey Gooey Lady, COMMENTED on the photo. I had a fan girl moment and then went 'Oh shit. The Ooey Gooey Lady just wrote boobs on my IG'
Not cool, K. Not cool

 Playing Drink If... I'm very competitive when it comes to games and drinking games are no exception. Unfortunately drunk K wasn't realizing that getting the answers correct wasn't a good thing. It meant I had to drink more. Epic fail

 The Bride-to-be in her tacky outfit. #Sorrywe'renotsorry. It's every bride's right of passage

 The aftermath. I even took one for the team and finished a drink the next morning that hadn't been drank the night before. That's how I roll...

I got back to O-Town around 3:30 on Saturday and quickly got to work assembling my Mama Bear's 50th Birthday present. Her birthday was on 24th but with travelling with my Dad for work, and my Grandma being in the Hospital in the Queen City I hadn't even seen my Mother since last Saturday

 50 gifts organized into different categories. I'll be posting tomorrow about the idea, so stay tuned. Way more pictures to come!

 Rae helping Grandma go through them all

 Graycie going through the photo album full of family pictures. She hates getting her picture taken but was mad that she wasn't in every single picture...

On Sunday my little bro and SIL went over to my Grandma's for a visit. We stayed for about an hour and a half visiting with her and two of our Aunties. Great way to spend Easter Sunday morning :)

 Afterwards we headed back to my parents house and my brother got out his guitar and played some songs. He's been teaching himself how to play and he's actually pretty good! 

 The girls and Toni showed up just before Supper and the girls showed us everything that the Easter Bunny had brought them

Graycie finally let me take some pictures of her

It was definitely a very busy weekend and a bit of a whirlwind but was a great way to spend the Easter long weekend!

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