April 3, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday...


Down one more 1lb this week which means I have officially lost 20 lbs total!!!!! 
I would actually be more excited but I weighed myself last Friday before I left for the Queen City and was down 21 lbs so it was sad to see only 20 lbs this morning. The reason for the difference:

The Stagette I attended on the weekend. Booze,eating out, and even more booze did not do anything for my weight loss goals. But I'm realizing that I have to let myself have fun and let go every once in awhile. I'm not going to live my life on a completely rigid diet and never enjoy myself, because what's the fun in that?!

So the effects of the Stagette also means I failed at Erin's DietBet :(  I was thinking about joining another one that's starting today BUT if the Stagette ruined the entire DietBet for me then I know that going to Vegas for 5 days would completely ruin any chances - I'll probably end up heavier than when I left, to be honest

I really think I would have won if I hadn't went to the Stagette. I was thisclose to winning my money back until the boozing happened :( Oh well , I had fun and hadn't really drank since New Years, which for me is a looooong time, so it was worth it

Next week I'm hoping I'll be seeing a whole new set of numbers on the scale, so stay tuned!

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