June 19, 2013

I Need Coffee STAT...

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I am dragging today. I don't know if I've ever been this tired before. My sister and I took the girls to the fair in 'the city' last night. The girls had a blast but it was an exhausting night. We got to the fair around 6:00 and finally rolled back into O-town at 11:30 with two sleeping kiddos in the backseat

This was Graycie's second year at the fair but the first being able to ride the rides. They were both really well behaved and didn't put up a fuss when it was time to go home. They (and me) were up waaaay past their bedtimes but every once in awhile that's ok. I just won't be winning any beauty contest today. I work at 7:30 and this morning I finally drug my ass out of bed at 7:15. No bueno.  Good thing I no longer have a 45 minute drive to work! 

But I wouldn't have traded anything about our trip to the fair. I just love everything about the fair (except the crowds). The food, the lights, the rides. Love, love, love. And I love being able to share those moments with the girls. My sister and I talked last night about taking a weekend trip to Winnipeg to take the girls to the amusement park we went to as kids so hopefully we'll get there this Summer!

Now I leave you with an over share of the girls at the fair, as promised

Graycie stole my frozen lemnonade

 She made herself comfortable

 Love that Rae has her arm around Graycie protecting her

 Waited in line for half an hour for these little bits of deliciousness
 Girls and their cotton candy
Graycie's snake that she won at the duck game

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  1. This post makes me reconsider my vow to never attend the MN Fair again! It looks like you guys had so much fun!


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