June 18, 2013

Is It Friday Yet?!...

Good Morning Eff that noise. Im so done with this week and cant wait for it to be the weekend.  Yesterday was a frustrating (to put it mildly) day. Everything that could go wrong did. I hate days like that and they seem to happen way to often

First, one of my staff quit with 5 minutes (yep you read that right!) notice. Some peoples children . Then I had to run to Carlyle, 35 minutes away, on my lunch break to get Eleanor in to be looked at. Papa Bear noticed a weird tick coming from her while she idled and wanted me to get her in while I still have warranty. I called yesterday morning to double check that I was just going to bring her in, have the problem diagnosed, and then come back another time to have her fixed. They said yes. So I was fuming when they told me they diagnosed the problem and were already in the process of fixing it. FOUR hours later I was finally able to leave. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere with no vehicle!  If you follow me on Twitter you would've seen that by spending so much time in the waiting area I made friends with a really sweet old man. We're basically besties now...

My phone died after hour 2 so I spent the next 2 hours people watching watching Dr.Phil and picking at my fresh manicure

My view for four hours. FML. Seriously.

I dont like to get extremely deep on here but Ill just say that last night we got some news about my Grandma, who has been in the hospital, and the family headed up there last night. I didnt get home until pretty late so I am draaaagging today. Yesterday was just not a good day in the life of K

Im hoping today will turn the week around. The fair is in 'the city' and my Sister and I are planning on taking the girls.  I can already taste the cinnamon mini donuts... Mmmm... Be prepared for an overshare of pictures if we do end up going! 


When I woke up this morning my Twitter feed was filled with info about an awesome giveaway. Some of my absolute favourite bloggers are involved and I would LOVE the opportunity to get some advice from them. I never win anything but Im hoping that this will finally be the time I do! Check out the giveaway over at Erin's blog


I can't believe June is almost over. I still feel like its the beginning of May. So when I realized I had yet to sign up for BlogLovin and July was going to be here before I know it I had a little moment of panic. So I finally bit the bullet this morning and signed up. You can now follow Keeping Up With K... via Bloglovin

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