June 12, 2013

Liebster Nominations...

I've been MIA the last week and a half again but what better way to get back into the swing of things than by answering some questions about myself? (aka my brain can't function beyond answering questions...)

I was nominated a couple times for the Liebster Award back in February (post here) so I'm going to cheat a little bit and just list the facts about myself and answer some more sets of questions

I was nominated by Sue from A Lime Freckle Life waaaaay back in March and I'm such a shitty blogger that I'm just getting to her questions (my bad!) and then I was nominated by Trista from Stewart Street last weekend. So here it is: 

11 Facts About Moi:
  1. I started a new job in May in my hometown and I've already saved so much money from not having to commute that I get sick to my stomach thinking of all the money I 'wasted' in 4 years of commuting
  2. I didn't get my license until I was 18 and was heading off to College 6 hours away. Yet I had my 1st car at 15...
  3. I went to Europe when I was 15 and I dream of revisiting everywhere I went since my 15 year old self wasn't capable of appreciating everything 
  4. I am sooo bad at Math that if it weren't for copying off my 2 highschool BFF's I never would've graduated. Thank god I didn't have to take any more math in College
  5. I love Canada but have always dreamed of moving to the States. One day!
  6. If my sister ever moved away I would have to move with her because there is no way I could be separated from my girls. And if I move somewhere they have to follow...
  7. I've lost touch with all but one of my College friends... and that makes me really sad. Distance sucks 
  8. I drank my way through College and honestly have no idea how I graduated with honours
  9. I call myself a beer pong champion but I lose more often than I win... My coordination goes out the window when I'm drunk
  10. I opened a wine bottle with a corkscrew for the first time in my life last weekend... and it took me 20 minutes to do. That's why I normally stick with Boone's and their screw off lids...
  11. I haven't bought groceries since I stopped working in 'the city' and my cupboards are starting to look realllllly bare
Sue's Questions for me: 
  1. Cats or Dogs? Dogs. I like both and have both but if I had to choose between having dogs or cats dogs would always win
  2. What is your favourite song right now? My favourite song right now is Hush Hush by the Pistol Annies... LOVE me some Country music - also, I love that Sue is a fellow Canadian and favourite is spelled the right way :) 
  3. What book are you reading, and is it in book format, or kindle/ipad? I have a NookColour that I download all my books too and right now I'm re-reading The Hunger Games
  4. What do you like most about blogging? The support from everyone is amazing - hands down the best part about blogging
  5. What would be your dream job? I honestly have no idea how to answer this. I feel like I'm doing what I love to do for work, just not where I want to be (aka NYC)
  6. Where did you last go on vacation? Las Vegas with the siblings in April. And I need a trip back asap
  7. What kind of car do you drive? Chevy Equinox named Eleanor :)
  8. Favourite jewelry - earrings, bracelet or necklace? Earrings. The only jewelry I consistently wear are earrings and rings. I can't do necklaces because they are distracting with my tattoo on my chest and I can't do bracelets because I always have a ponytail holder on my wrist
  9. What is your favourite workout? I loooove the elliptical... Ask me again in a month and my answer may be running :)
  10. Last movie you saw in a theatre? Magic Mike when it first came out... I don't go to the theatre very often because I live in the middle of nowhere :( But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be 1st in line for when Monsters University finally hits the theatre in 'the city'. I've only been waiting all my life for it!
  11. Do you know anyone on the Autism Spectrum? Surprisingly no,  considering my field of work 
Trista's Questions for me: 
  1. What are you most afraid of? (By this I mean heights, spiders, snakes, etc... not your kids or family kicking the bucket.) It's a tie between spiders and heights. I'm such a cliche
  2. What food do you absolutely hate? Mushrooms... Blechhhh
  3. What is your favorite food? Sweet and Sour Chicken...Mmmmm
  4. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? A burnt CD that I've had since high school with all of my favourite oldies on it 
  5. What was your first concern? Pam Tillis at the Hootenanny in the Hills (that was the name of the music festival, I shit you not) when I was 6 years old. Then I didn't go to another concert until I was 20 and started attending Craven Country Music Festival every Summer
  6. What's the name of the first boy or girl to break your heart? Nick Carter. I wrote him fan mail and he never wrote back :( HA
  7. If you saw them today, would you be nice to them? I'd march up to him and give him shit for breaking my 12 year old heart... but only if I was alone so no one would know I was once a Backstreet Boy fan... Guess the cat's out of the bag now...
  8. Have you ever cheated on someone? I strongly dislike cheaters - I could never forgive a cheater 
  9. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football in the summer and curling in the winter
  10. Favorite team? Saskatchewan Roughriders! Pre season starts on FRIDAY!!!!!!! (I'm a little excited...)
  11. What's your best physical feature? I get compliments on my hair and my eyes all the time. The other day one of my new employees was staring at me for what seemed like forever before she finally blurted out "Are you wearing coloured contacts? Cuz your eyes are almost orange" -   They're hazel, btw
So now that I've eased my way back into blogging I hope to keep up with it. Life has finally slowed down (albeit just the tiniest little bit) but I should be able to squeeze some time into my days for a post

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  1. better late than never! Of COURSE I know how to spell Favourite correctly! And I didn't know you could get Boone's in Canada.....I remember when I went to college in the US we drank Boones Farm wine all the time....is it the same? And if you work with kids, I can GUARANTEE you've probably met someone on the spectrum....just not diagnosed yet! The one's running around like maniacs and acting like they don't hear you...those are likely! LOL....at least that was my son at that age!


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