June 20, 2013

Pink Lemonade Party (SPD)...

Today I'm throwing it back to 2011 and linking up with Stephanie and Katie for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It. Pinterest was just becoming a 'thing' around this time and everyone and their dog was pinning imaginary weddings and birthday parties for the kids they hadn't had yet. I was one of those people. But I at least had two sweet little nieces who I could pin stuff for. My sister, Toni, also got into the pinning craze and decided to plan an extravagant birthday for Graycie's 1st and Rae's 5th birthday party. 

Rae and Graycie are a week apart in birthdays, September 15 and September 21st respectively. My Sister and I are exactly 2 years and 3 days apart.  Having birthdays that close to your sibling is haaaard! We always had to have joint parties and someone always ended up in tears (usually me). Birthday parties were never a huge thing in our family and since both our birthdays are during the Summer it was really hard to have a party when we usually camped all Summer and were never home. I can only remember having two birthday parties once we started going to school. So we've always been a little bit bitter when it comes to birthdays. But Toni is determined to make birthday parties a bigger thing than they were when we were little.

This was the 1st party that Toni went all out for it. She found a pin about a pink lemonade party, loved the idea, and soon both of our Pinterest boards were filled with pins about Pink Lemonade Parties. You can find me here

Pink Lemonade cupcakes I made. They were DELICIOUS  (Pink Lemonade is one of my loves). The link for the site I pinned has since moved so no recipe :(

The lemonade stand (that still resides in Toni's porch almost 2 years later...). As much as I dislike the girls Dad I do have to give him credit for building this for them. It has yet to leave the spot it sat in for the party but hopefully someday it will make its way outside so the girls can sell some lemonade.

 We went with the easy route and just made frozen lemonade and pink lemonade. I found a free printable online and printed off the banner, laminated it, and attached ribbon on the back to hang it . Toni bought the beverage containers ( I can't remember where from) and they LEAKED. As you can see in the picture, the one had to sit in a pan because it was leaking everywhere. I haven't bought a single container like these that haven't leaked, but if anyone has bought one that doesn't leak please let me know where you got it!

I found a few other free printables online and printed them off and laminated them for the party and so the girls could use them to play with their lemonade stand after the fact and they wouldn't rip or tear 

Pink and Yellow Tissue Paper Pom Poms that I made. So easy to do and they work great for all kinds of parties. Instructions can be found here

Rainbow Fruit Kabobs are a fun way to serve some fruit. Idea found  here

Toni's already been talking about their upcoming birthday party so stay tuned for details from it!

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