July 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Canada...

I'm a day late for a weekend recap BUT I have a good reason. Today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday, due to the long weekend that I just had. Yesterday was a stat holiday here in the GWN and this girl was off work in celebration of Canada Day

On Thursday night we had a family get together at my parents place with my Dad's side of the family. My Grandma had passed away a week ago that Thursday so we got the family that was around together for a BBQ before my aunt headed back to her life in AB after spending almost 3 months in O-town helping take care of Granny 

Graycie always makes herself the centre of attention. Her curls make her seem like an angel when really she's a demon. ( I kid you not)

  1. On Friday my Kiki La Rue order arrived. I LOVE getting good mail 
  2. Graycie, Toni and I made a quick trip into MB onto Saturday for Tarjay and wine. We stopped at Applebee's for lunch so I could have my favourite, Berry Sangria
  3. I bought the girls a toy from the $ bin in Tarjay. They played with it the first night they had it... and it also broke the first night they had it
  4. Cotton Candy ice cream... Mmmmm
  5. It is ridiculously difficult to get a decent picture of an almost 7 year old and almost 3 year old together. I bought them cute Canada Day shirts and I couldn't even get a good picture of them.  Good riddance
  6. It is also ridiculously difficult for an almost 7 year old to take a decent picture of someone without their head looking GINORMOUS

  1. Took my Beer Pong table down to the Valley where my family is camping. This is my favourite picture of the flip cup competition
  2. The SIL and I toasting with the delish Sangria I made
  3. My Vino2Go finally arrived last week and I was so excited to finally try it out!
  4. Some festive decorations 
  5. I love holidays. That is all
  6. The best Sangria ever. Barefoot Sweet Red, lemonade, and whatever fruit you want. It is heavenly 

It was a good weekend but very busy. Brandon on Saturday, 'the city' for a Grad BBQ on Sunday, and then Canada Day festivities yesterday have left me completely exhausted. I'm very much looking forward to a weekend of just relaxing before our trip to the Twin Cities!

Happy  (belated) Birthday Canadaland!

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  1. this looks so fun
    i miss canada



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