July 11, 2013

If I Won the Lottery...


I think about winning the lottery all. the. time. It's almost always on my mind. The thing is, I never buy tickets. I'm to cheap, simple as that. Because if I don't win I feel like my money could have been better spent on something that I could actually use. Luckily my parents buy tickets religiously and they would probably be more than happy to write me a cheque to send my ass far away on a plane to NYC... But I digress. Lets just pretend that I buy lottery tickets.  This is what I would do with the money:

  1. I'm not one of those people who says they'll still keep their job even if they won the lottery. I would hand in my two weeks notice the second that big fat cheque was deposited in my account. I've volunteered on non profit committees before so I would probably spend my time doing that rather than  a 9-5 job.  I'd want to be able to drop everything and take off to sights unseen whenever I damn well pleased

  2. Buy an apartment in NYC to use as my permanent residence. Then I'd spend my days exploring the city since I wouldn't have to worry about that pesty thing called a job

  3. Get veneers. I'd be in that dentists chair in a heartbeat. Unfortunately non-lotto winning me cannot afford $10,000 on straight teeth. Whomp whomp

  4. Buy my way onto the set of How I Met Your Mother

  5. Perma-rent a penthouse suite somewhere on the Strip in Vegas and spend EVERY WEEKEND there

  6. Buy an acreage near O-town,  build a ginormous mansion, and adopt ALL THE ANIMALS

  7. Pay off all my parents debt so they could retire and have a life of leisure. They deserve it after raising me...

  8. Buy Adam Levine

  9. I'd travel for a year straight. Go back to Europe, hit up all of Canada andthe US. And spend waaay to much time on a beach somewhere 

  10. Buy an NHL team. Because holy hotness

  11. I would buy the house from Home Alone and make my heart super happy

Now I'm depressed that I can't do all these things :(

What would you do with the money?!


  1. #3 is on my list too! along with new perky boobs! (I aint got time for these post baby boobies)
    #4 would be amazing! take me with!

  2. LOL! Oh man, this was a great post. I was going to say that #8 was my favorite, until I got to #11. Genius!

  3. #11, yes!!! Can I buy it with you? I couldnt stop laughing at #8 either...if only buying people was that easy. Cant get enough of him on The Voice either!

  4. OMG! I totally want veneers, too! My teeth are yellowish and I hate it. My brother had to get them because he had a serious gum issue several years ago and has the mostly perfectly perfect smile now. Everytime I see his teeth I want them! I just don't want the car payment sized loan to pay for them!

  5. How did I forget to add veneers to my list? Yes, that would be number 1. I loved your list!!


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