July 29, 2013

Weekend Whirlwind...

Sami's Shenanigans

This weekend was a complete whirlwind. After work on Friday I packed a bag and headed off to Yorkton, SK, a 2 1/2 hour drive from O-town. I spent the night at a friends and the next morning at 6 am we headed off to my college best friends wedding in Oyen, AB. Then Sunday morning at 11 am we headed right back to Saskland. To say that I am completely and utterly exhausted today would be an understatement

1,748 km
18 hours of driving
13 bathroom breaks
12 cups of coffee
Waaay to many drinks at the Toonie Bar
1 raging hangover
And only gone from O-town for just over 48 hours

  1. This picture is actually from last Wednesday, my birthday, but I hadn't shared it on le blog yet. My new tattoo for my Granny 
  2. Graycie bear 'helped' me pack before I left and somehow I ended up leaving my UD Primer Potion behind
  3. My parents gave me $ for my birthday and I bought myself this Margaritaville blender on Friday. Last year it was a beer pong table, this year a Margaritaville blender. Clearly turning 26 25 again has not made me grow up at all...
  4. It was just me and the open road for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Yorkton
  5. I coerced my friend Scooby into coming to the wedding with me. She had never met Marissa before but I didn't want to make the looong drive by myself. She's a teacher and gets summer off so she was the perfect road trip companion - she had nothing better to do anyways. She just recently moved to Yorkton where her parents have been living for awhile - her mom is the absolute cutest - this is how she had the spare room ready for me when I showed up
  6. The bride, my gorgeous college BFF Marissa, and her dad making their way down the aisle
  7. Me and Scooby before we headed off to the wedding dance
  8. College friends. Lil Kim, Marissa, and I
  9. Marissa had so many things set up around her venue that tied her theme all together. This lemonade area was so cute. And of course I'm a bad blogger and didn't get any pictures of the other stuff... FAIL
  10. Marissa and I. 5 years later and we still make sure to keep in touch
  11. Toonie bars are the devil. Powerade is the only thing that kept me going on Sunday morning
  12. We stopped for lunch in Saskatoon on the way back home at a restaurant called Windows. The restaurant has windows all along one wall with a gorgeous view of the Riverbank
  13. Just around the corner from the hotel we ate lunch at was Bus Stop Refreshments
  14. Ice cream shadows
  15. Bubblegum ice cream. Takes me back to my childhood
  16. Smiling because I was so close to home. I'm so done with roadtrips for awhile
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