August 27, 2013

Summer Bucket List Update & a Giveaway...

At the beginning of Summer Holly and Trista hosted a Summer Bucket list link up. Today I am updating with my progress and what has been checked off the list so far

 (You can check out my Summer Bucket List post here)

What I have accomplished:

Take the girls to the fair in 'the city'

Toni, the girls and I headed to 'the city' to take in the fair on its second night in E-town. The girls enjoyed the rides and me and Toni enjoyed the food...

Ok, so the girls enjoyed the food too

Trip to the Twin Cities for The Color Run

We road tripped to Minneapolis and I fell in LOVE with the city (no surprise there...) and also ran my first EVER 5K

Color Run recap here. Twin Cities recap here

Re-uniting with my Cameron cousins to celebrate Jeremy and 'Fun Brittany's Wedding

July 20th was the big day and once again the Cameron clan showed everybody how its done. Our hangovers the next day were a testament to that...

Almost all of the Cameron clan - only missing a few 

Spending as much time as possible outside with my girls

We unfortunately have not had the nicest Summer here in SK but we tried to take advantage of whatever sun we got! It has been super nice for the past few days and I am loving it considering we FINALLY have our deck built

Reuniting with my College BFF after three long years to watch her get MARRIED!

I made the quickest trip to AB as possible but it was all worth it to be reunited with my College BFF, Marissa

Pool time with the girls - my ass WILL be in a bikini this Summer!

I spent a few days at the beginning of the Summer at the pool with the girls - we even took a daycare field trip to the pool. Unfortunately my bikini has not, and definitely will not, left the privacy of my bedroom this Summer :( Next Summer!

Beer Pong All.Summer.Long

This Summer has been so busy that my beer pong table really has not seen that much action. But that will change with the upcoming long weekend and all the Rider game halftimes coming up!

Weekend Getaways

Twin Cities, MN
Regina, SK
Oyen, AB

I would have preferred a few more but my bank account told me no :(

Trip to a beach preferably in Florida

Just this past weekend we made a trip up to the lake to the Beach. Unfortunately Florida was not in the cards BUT I did just find out last week that Allegiant starts flying to Orlando in November so HELLO DISNEYWORLD, HERE I COME!!

I still have a few more items on my list that I am hoping to get checked off before Fall is officially here but I do know that there are a few things that will remain unaccomplished until next Summer :( Boo to Summer being way to short!

And finally, the title promised you a giveaway, so here it is:  Allie and her sponsors (myself included) are giving away Paypal CASH. Check it out and good luck!

What were your Summer bucket list items? What would you do with $200?

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  1. Sounds like a pretty productive summer, to me! I love that you worked beer pong into your goals! You are awesome!

    Also, DANG girl, when did your blog get so snazzy?

    1. Hey! Time to quit being so busy and blog again because I nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog today! :)


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