August 26, 2013

Sweet Red, Riders, and Red Barns...

First off, HUGE THANK YOU to Sarah for my amazing new design. I am LOVING it and it makes me want to blog again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I haven't recapped a weekend in forever but I finally did something on a weekend worthy of a recap. In my books anyways...

Friday night my Mama Bear cooked the family a delicious supper and for the first time in FOREVER I was finally able to enjoy a full meal. I also got reunited with my BFF, wine, after three long weeks without! I was a happy, happy girl

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning to head into 'the city'. I ran a few errands, met up with a friend for lunch, and then was racing back to O-town to watch the Rider game. It was a nail biter game that came down to the last few minutes. I love/hate those games. My anxiety just can't handle the suspense!

During halftime I finally got to put my new Margartitaville blender to use - that thing is amazing. It is definitely worth every penny and I can't wait to use it again this loooong weekend

After the game we spent some time outside on the NEW deck! This deck was only 5 years in the making so we have been trying to soak up every minute on it before Winter hits with full force and the only things its good for is collecting snow

Sunday morning I headed up to the lake with the family. Toni is working weekends in 'the city' so the girls have been with my parents on weekends. Rae had a birthday party so she couldn't come but Graycie Bear was able to hit up the beach.  Mama Bear and I dropped the bro, sis-in-law, and Graycie off at the beach and headed up to Kenosee to the Red Barn. It's a flea market/farmers market located in the yard of someone's home. Every weekend during the Summer they have vendors come out and set up in the barnd and outside. There is food, vendors with all sorts of things for sale, and even live music sometimes. It's only 45 minutes away from O-town so we try to make a trip up every Summer

Some of the goodies at the Red Barn. I swear I am the only young-ish person in the world with a love for pickled beets. I just can't get enough. I spent waay to much time at the Scentsy table checking out all of the scents. And I wanted the Happy Fall Ya'll planter sooo bad but I'm trying to avoid the fact that Summer is coming to an end so I couldn't fathom buying it yet

Me and Mama Bear got to spend a little time at the beach too after the Red Barn before it was time to head back to town to pick Rae up from her friends house. 

It was so hot and humid out that by the time we made it home I was EXHAUSTED. I plopped myself down on the couch, with a Palm Bay in hand, and watched Big Brother (side note: Elissa, get Amanda out NOW!) and Sister Wives. Sister Wives ended just in time for me to switch over to the VMA's to catch JT's performance and the 2 second N*Sync reunion. Then I tried, with no success, to find pictures ( in a box of a million pictures) of what my walls used to look like plastered in N*Sync and Backstreet Boy posters. But don't worry, I'm going to keep looking and there will be a blog post once I do find them!

So in my books the weekend was a success since I finally crossed two more things off my Summer bucket list! Just in time too since Summer is coming to an end :(

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