September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Rae...

I LOVE Summer. Love, love, love it. Every year as soon as July hits I start to get depressed that there is only so much Summer left. And although Summer doesn't technically end until over halfway through September, as soon as September hits I'm ready for October and am okay with the changing season. The reason? September is the craziest, busiest, most expensive month of the year. Even more so than December. 

September is birthday month central around here. Rae's 7TH birthday was yesterday. And Graycie's 3RD birthday is THIS Saturday. My cousin Boonie had her son on Rae's birthday 4 years ago. And then her brother had his son on September 4th 3 years ago. So between birthday parties that need to planned, the birthday presents that need to be bought, and the parties that need to be attended I am just wiped out by the time Graycie's birthday (and usually the girls joint birthday party) finally hits. 

Yesterday we celebrated Tayv's 4th birthday out at his farm. And after his party we headed to my parent's house to have some special birthday time with the birthday girl. I quickly whipped together some cupcakes, we had a family supper, and then Rae opened her presents. Normally, I spoil the shit out of the girls for their birthdays. It's usually nothing to drop $150 on each of them for their birthdays. But this year I was at a loss. I couldn't think of a single thing to get them, the kids who have EVERYTHING. And neither could Toni. So while we were in Minneapolis for the Color Run, we kept thinking how much the girls would've loved some of the things we saw at the Mall. And an idea was born. We plan to take the girls on a belated birthday trip to Minneapolis, sometime in October or November. And they can pick their own birthday presents out there. And it will make life so much easier. 

Of course I still bought them presents to open on their birthdays, but nothing like I normally would. Now I just can't wait until we finalize our plans and I get to go back to the Twin Cities! 

Happy (belated) birthday to my firstborn niece. The first grandchild in our family. The girl known as Turtle, Rosie, Goober, Goobaroo, and Rae. The one who shares part of my name. 

Miss Audie-Rae Lynn.

The girl with so much imagination and spunk that I'm sure she'll accomplish everything she sets out to. The one who stole my heart and the reason I came home every chance I could in College. She keeps me laughing. She makes me mad. She can brighten up my day with just a hug. I'm so proud to call her my niece and although I can't believe she's already 7, I'm looking forward to watching her grow and seeing the person she becomes. 

Happy Birthday Rae!!

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