September 23, 2013

Popcorn and Movie Party (A Weekend Recap)...

Guys. I'm never having children. Like, ever. For realz. If you ever want to remind yourself why you don't want children, go to a birthday party. Best birth control ever. Birthday parties mean screaming, crying, temper tantrum throwing children on sugar highs who are skipping their nap times and are ticking time bombs capable of losing their shit at any moment. No thank you!
Now, I work in the ECE profession. I'm around children every day. I love working with children, they can make any bad day better with just a hug or by doing or saying something super adorable. But because I am around children all week long I really enjoy my weekends away from children (other than Graycie and Rae because there is no escaping those two. You can't even go to the bathroom in peace with them around...)
But when September hits and birthday madness takes over I am constantly spending my weekends with children under 5. So maybe someday (when I haven't spent every weekend surrounded by tiny humans) I will change my mind about the whole kids things, but for right now I enjoy my weekends with my wine

1.  I drank a bottle glass of wine on Friday night after supper and Graycie just had to have a cup like mine. (My Sister mentioned that I should also point out that it is grape juice in her cup, not wine. C'mon Toni, I know I have to wait until she's 13 to give her wine...)

2. I woke up at 7:30 am on Saturday. 7:30. Who does that? Coffee was my best friend that morning. And I got to have all three of my favourites at once. Also, I made the mistake of telling Graycie that now that she's 3 she can have coffee. So guess who actually wanted coffee? Whoops. #auntiefail

3 & 4. Saturday was Graycie's 3RD birthday and Toni, the girls, and I headed into 'the city' to finish grabbing the rest of the stuff for the girls party on Sunday. Before we left we had a mini photoshoot outside. It is impossible to get a good picture with these two!

5. I made Snickers Caramel Apple Pie. And then I died from deliciousness

6. Red Wine Sangria. I NEEDED this after the party on Sunday

7. Graycie opening presents after Supper. Both girls got guitars from Uncle and Auntie Kels. (so guess who is investing in some ear plugs...)

8. We had a movie night on Saturday night to test out the popcorn machine Toni borrowed for the party. I made a comfy space on the floor and the plan was to camp out. Guess who was the only one who slept on the floor? That's right. Moi. And my back is super sore to prove it. And then I was complaining about my sore back and why it was sore and my Dad assumed I had been drunk and passed out on the floor. I mean, I'm not in College anymore Dad...

9. Graycie Bear all ready to party

1. Trying to get the girls to pose for pictures together is like pulling teeth. Not that I know what that's like but you get the idea...

2. Rae became the photographer and got a picture of me and Graycie. And of course because it was also game day I had to be representin' my Riders

3. Then we tried to get Graycie to take a picture of us and that was an epic fail so we took a selfie instead

4. Hot buttered popcorn anyone? I swear I gained 10 lbs just looking at this

5 & 6.  The birthday girls and their party guests watching 'Rise of the Guardians'

7. She had to change after cake time (as you can see in the next picture) because she was covered in melted ice cream cake. Another reason I don't want kids right now - I can't handle when they are messy. (Except for at work because messy means fun!)

8. Opening presents after a quick outfit change for Graycie. After she opened presents she then changed at least 4 more times into all of her new stuff

9. Bouncy house fun. I don't know how that thing is still standing after those kids were done with it

Then after the party I got to finally sit down to catch the rest of the game only to watch my beloved Riders lose on a field goal with 11 seconds left in the game. Heart breaking. So then I drank a pitcher of Sangria to drown my sorrows. And to get rid of the headache caused by the aforementioned screaming, crying, temper tantrum throwing tiny humans. Maybe having children wouldn't be so bad as long as there is wine in the world...

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  1. sounds like a GREAT weekend!

    Found you via link up :)

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. I remind myself I don' want kids when I can randomly go to the bar at 10PM without having to find a babysitter :)


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