September 11, 2013

Pumpkin Anything is Disgusting (There, I Said It)...

I worked a 14 hour day yesterday (see also: the reason I haven't been blogging much lately...) so I am loving that Jake & Holly have another edition of Finish the Sentence to ease me out of my blogging slump...

My happy place... I've been putting in long hours at work lately so right now I will say its my bed. But ask me any other time and its NYC or Vegas :)

Whatever happened to... my plan to be living in NYC by now :( I'm going to go cry into my drink now...

So what if I.... Have a million emails to respond to? Or haven't posted consistently in a looong time? Or haven't ran in forever and have to run a 5k in a couple of weeks? Or that I decided to look at flights to Vegas and they're so cheap that I almost hit purchase?...

E! needs a reality show about... reality. I'm so annoyed of scripted 'reality' television. Also, they need a show about ME because I need some $$

My go-to fast food meal is... Well, you see... I live in the tiniest town in the WORLD so there is no fast food. No McDonalds, or A&W's, Dairy Queens, or even Subway. So I eat fast food maybe once a month if I manage to get out of O-town. But if I do get it I will pick a Chubby Chicken Burger from A&W with a Poutine (a real Canadian treasure). Try it. You will thank me later

You might not know that I... think pumpkin anything is DISGUSTING. No pumpkin spice lattes for me thankyouverymuch

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Who cares? It's all about the CFL and my two boyfrannns : slotback Weston Dressler and wide receiver Rob Bagg. Sighhhh

If I could.... move to NYC tomorrow I probably wouldn't. Only because I am way to considerate of a person to leave the business that I run without making sure the right person is taking over for me. That Centre is my BABY and I couldn't handle it being ran into the ground...

My personality is awesome because...  

Twerking is.... something else I just don't understand. Why did they (whoever 'they' are) take something that's been a thing since forever and give it a new name and all of a sudden its a huge thing. I.just.don't.understand!

I think it's super gross when... Jax sleeps around on Tara (all.the.time). I was so disappointed in him last night. And if I've spoiled SOA for you - I'm sorry but if you were a true fan you would've watched it already

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... that she is one pomeranian puppy and a jerry can of gasoline away from an Amanda Bynes meltdown. On second thought, scratch that. She knows exactly what she's doing, and since EVERYBODY is talking about it, she's obviously doing something right...

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  1. You don't love pumpkin?! Do you like freedom and babies?! LOL

  2. YES!!!! Finally someone else who hates pumpkin! I am certain I'm the only person on Pinterest who doesn't pin pumpkin everything in the fall!

  3. Pumpkin doesn't do it for me either....

  4. girl, i feel you on the reality tv business! i don't think anything on reality tv is actually real anymore!

    xo, sarah grace


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