October 31, 2013

Boo Humbug (Just Kidding, I LOVE Halloween)...

Just stopping in quick to wish everyone a Happy Halloween! My 2nd favourite holiday has finally arrived. And I couldn't be more excited (Please tell me you read that in your best Chandler Bing voice)


While laying in bed this morning, hitting snooze every 15 minutes, I pulled up my blogger dashboard on my phone and started browsing around blogland. And I couldn't believe how many posts were hating on Halloween.  People hate HALLOWEEN?! Say whaaaat? What is there to possibly hate about this magical holiday?
To all the Halloween haters

My plans for tonight include opening a bottle of wine, popping Hocus Pocus into the VCR dvd player, eating my Halloween themed snack mix, and playing the Garvin Family Official Hocus Pocus Drinking Game. Because I just love Halloween that much

Make sure to stop back tomorrow to check out my Halloween festivities! And to see how hungover I am

In honour of #ThrowbackThursday I leave you with this blast from my past

Oh you know, just asking a stranger to take a picture of us while we try on Halloween masks in Wal Mart with absolutely no intentions of actually buying said masks. Circa 2003

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October 30, 2013

Someday I Will...

The Daily Tay

When I read that Taylor from The Daily Tay was going to be hosting this link up I was all over it like a fat kid on a cake. I've had a bucket list/30 before 30 post sitting in my drafts for FOREVER that I keep adding to as something new pops into my head. It's still a work in progress but you can call this a sneak peek at my Bucket List

Someday I will... own my dream home. And it will look like this 

Someday I will... visit all 50 states ( 6/50 complete -doesn't include states I've passed through) and all 13 provinces/territories ( 5/13 complete)

Someday I will... learn how to drive a standard

Someday I will... spend an ENTIRE paycheque at Target

Someday I will... do something completely out of my comfort zone

Someday I will... document a day in my life through pictures

Someday I will... take a spontaneous road trip 

Someday I will... not press snooze for two hours before finally getting up

Someday I will... get caught up on Project Life

Someday I will... travel back to Venice, Italy and not get lost exploring

Someday I will... write a novel 

Someday I will... navigate an airport on my own without getting lost ( I have NO sense of direction. Ask my sister)

Someday I will... run a 1/2 marathon - preferably at DisneyWorld

and on that note

Someday I will... visit Disneyworld! 

Someday I will... speak fluently in another language (I suck at being Canadian - I barely know any French)

Someday I will... live in NYC. Come hell or high water I WILL live there one day. I made a promise to myself

Someday I will... save all the animals! (or do my best to try)

Someday I will... set a budget and stick to it

Someday I will... figure out what I want to be when I grow up

Someday I will... learn to let go of the little things

Dreams quote via Five Words


Now, if you read through all that, you can reward yourself for putting up with my ramblings by entering this giveaway from Sarah @ Venus Trapped in Mars and her October sponsors (myself included). Good luck!

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October 29, 2013

A-ca-Scuse Me?...

This past weekend was considered Halloween weekend for adults. Last year I was in the 'Queen City' for a Rider game and went out to the bar there. This year I was wanting to do something more low key since I am trying to save money for a possible Minneapolis trip next weekend. O-town shockingly has two bars (about the only things in this town...) but unfortunately they both are ridiculously lame. But I decided to give one of them a shot anyways since there was absolutely nothing else going on. My SIL and I talked for WEEKS about what we wanted to dress up as. A few of the ideas thrown out were: 
Shark Week
Mean Girls
Toddlers in Tiaras
'Dunkin' Donuts

And then. Aaaaand then.  I came up with a brilliant idea:

If you don't know who we are then you can just a-ca-scuse yourself right off this page (Kiddddinggg)

We were the Barden Bellas! The costumes were soooo easy and very inexpensive to make. I already had a dress that worked perfect, but decided to buy a blazer anyways ($34.99) since it is already freezing here in the GWN and because I've been wanting a blazer for forever so two birds, one stone. I bought a $10 white shirt with a collar and a $2.00 head band that I cut and tied around my neck as the scarf from the Bella's performances. We bought Icebreakers sour candies and I glued blue B's onto them to make our pitch pipes. And voila. Costume complete

So many people didn't know who we were because they have never seen Pitch Perfect! Say whaaat?!  I told everyone who hasn't that they need to educate themselves. Most of the people who had never seen Pitch Perfect thought we were dressed as flight attendants. Which is okay, because when the Barden Bella's dressed like that in Pitch Perfect I always wondered why they wanted to look like flight attendants. So obviously we nailed it! Now if only we had a blonde friend who could've been Fat Amy...
Hands in aca-bitches

We danced. We drank.  I sang 'The Sign' (badly...) waaaay to many times. I ran into an old high school classmate who, when he found out I was back living in O-town, told me 'You're too good for this town'. (But that's a story for another post). Our costumes felt a little bit wasted on a small town bar with maybe 75 people but we still had fun and it was definitely a memorable night. And for dreaming up the idea to be the Bella's on Friday afternoon and putting them into action the next day, I think we did pretty good!

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October 21, 2013

A Weekend In The City That Rhymes With Fun...

Dear Monday ...

Can I get an amen? I swear I was just at work and yet here Monday is again. Weekends where I am on the go fly by so fast and when I finally get home I realize I have accomplished nothing that is normally reserved for weekends. And now I have to wait 5 more days before I can get it all done... Anywhoodle, enough complaining, more weekend recapping

I've talked about my love for Barefoot Sweet Red wine at least a million times on here already.(And the fact that I have to drive two hours to get it.) Well, I'm down to one bottle and I'm saving it for when I absolutely need it. And Friday night I was pretty close to absolutely needing it. But instead I decided to try out a new Barefoot wine -the Moscato. I'm not normally a white wine fan but had seen on Twitter that Juliette mixes 1/2 Moscato with 1/2 Sprite and I've been wanting to try it. The verdict: AMAZEBALLS. I fell in love. Though Sweet Red still holds the key to my heart. The bottle of Moscato says that it is great paired with fruit and cheddar cheese, but I found that it went very well with Sour Patch Kids. (I'm a grown up, I swear). 

Saturday morning arrived and I had to get up early to get my hungover ass ready to head to the Queen City for the night to go watch my beloved Riders in their second last regular season game. The hangover meant getting up even earlier to hide the bags under my eyes. I also may or may not have drank wine in the tub for two hours the night before and when I finally got out I went to bed without even brushing my wet hair... So I was a hot mess express and needed all the help I could get. An hour later, with my favourite new scarf on, I looked semi decent enough to be seen in public. The lil bro and SIL picked me up at home and we were off to the city that rhymes with fun

We were meeting my friend Scooby and some friends of hers for the game and when we got to the city they were just finishing lunch. We only had two stops to make - Rider store for mittens and face stickers, and liquor store for liquid courage to combat the cold at the game. We beat Scooby to the hotel and because the room was in her name we spent a half hour drinking in the parking lot waiting for her to show up. (In our vehicle, of course). We're so classy. Scooby and I quoted Mean Girls via text and sent each other pictures of alcohol until she FINALLY got to the hotel

Then it was a mad rush to ingest as much alcohol as possible (because $6.50/drink at the stadium is a complete RIP OFF),  dress like snowmen in our Rider gear (because SK skips right over fall and straight into Winter), and get in a cab to head to the game. The first two pictures are in front of the hotel waiting for our cab. We were all already hammered. Whooops

It rained the entire time we were at the game. And our stadium is not covered by a dome (yet) so we looked like drowned rats before the 1st quarter was even over. But it was still a great night. The Riders beat the Lions 35-14 and we were high on life. The last picture is the bro and I facetiming our Mama Bear during the end of the second half. Then immediately after this picture was taken the lil bro went to put his phone back in his pocket and he dropped it down the rafters. We went to rescue it during halftime and he had to climb a barbed wire fence to get to it. Somehow the phone didn't even have a scratch on it. The lil bro wasn't so lucky though. He cut his hand on the fence climbing back over and it looked like he had a vag on his hand. It was disgusting and he probably should have gotten stitches but he was drunk and felt invincible so he just wrapped his Rider flag around it and was good to go. And I am so mad that in my drunkeness I forgot to take a picture of the vagina on my brothers hand. You wouldn't believe the amount of times we got to ask him how his vagina was over the course of the night and into the next day. Again, I'm a grown up, I swear. It's just not everyday that you get to ask your brother about his vag. I'm still laughing about this...

We went for supper at a pub after the game. Earlier in the day we had grand plans of going out after the game  but we were already so drunk that there was no way that was happening. Instead we played the iPuke Drinking Game in our hotel room.And hilarity ensued. Scooby ended up with a face full of eyeliner facial hair, all dares given to her in the iPuke game that she accepted, rather than taking the drinking consequences. But because I'm a bad, bad blogger there are no pictures of this. (Insert sad face here)

The next morning I miraculously woke up hangover free. We ate breakfast with Scooby and her friend Marie, said goodbye, and then headed to my favourite place on earth. Target. Can I just tell you how much I am LOVING that Canada now has Target?! I even scored the last Philip Lim bag they had, the perfect size for an overnight bag. It was supposed to be $60 but when it rang through it only rang up as $27. Kayla 1, Target 0. I am also loving that Starbucks is in all the Targets in the GWN. My two favourite places together at last 

Now I'm incredibly sad that I have to watch this weekends game from my living room (though I will definitely be warmer!) and go who knows how long without Starbucks and Target. I think a move to a city is in my future...

As usual, linking up with Sami!

Sami's Shenanigans

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October 16, 2013

Fall Friend Swap...

Last November Kassie hosted a Blogger Swag Swap. I was new to blogging but I LOVE giving gifts so I was excited to join. Looking back I am SO glad that I signed up because I was paired with Kate and if you've been around these parts before you know that Kate and I were able to meet up this Summer (my first ever blate!) while I was in the Twin Cities for the Colour Run. If it hadn't been for the Swag Swap I don't know if I ever would have stumbled on Kate's blog, so I am thankful for the pairing!

So when I saw that Alicia, along with Jodi and Britney, were hosting a Fall Friend Swap I knew I wanted to join and was hoping for a blogger whom I hadn't been introduced to yet so I could find a new blog to read and get to know the person behind the blog. And I was paired up with Valerie from Fabulous Chick Gets Fit. (How had I not found her blog before?!) I've been 'stalking' Valerie's blog  to get ideas for the swap and found that we are alike in many ways:

13 is her favourite number. I have the number 13 permanently tattooed on my body. Fate

She loves Scandal. I LOVE Scandal (But really, who doesn't?!)

She's doing Soberoctober. I'm doing Soberoctober.  Ok, so here's the thing. I was going to do Soberoctober until I remembered that Thanksgiving is in October. And that I was going to a Rider game in October. And that Halloween is in October. BUT it's the thought that counts, right?

She loves steak.  I love steak. If steak didn't exist I would have made it more than 2 weeks as a vegetarian...

She doesn't like her food to touch. I DON'T LIKE MY FOOD TO TOUCH (reference yesterdays post where it looked like I ate Thanksgiving supper at a soup kitchen...)

She loves NYC. I LOVE NYC. I see a trip to NYC together in our future. (Too soon?)

She's an event planner. I'm the Director of an early learning centre... But my dream job is to be an event planner 

And finally...

She has 1800+ IG followers. I have 1800+ 119 IG followers. Whomp Whomppp. Ok, so that's where our comparison ends.(But seriously, are you some kind of celebrity?!)

I can't wait to get the package ready and sent off to Valerie! Make sure to check back on October 28th to see the reveal of the swap packages!

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October 15, 2013

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving...

Is it possible to still be in a food coma almost 24 hours after ingesting the best.meal.ever?! Because I definitely think I am still 'suffering' from the after effects of inhaling turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesecake, and apple snickers pie. It wasn't just any old night though. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canadaland

I started off my Thanksgiving by heading into 'the city' early in the am to grab some necessities for Thanksgiving supper. I met up with a friend for coffee at Tim Hortons and was finally able to give her birthday present to her (only a few weeks late...I'll seriously be late to my own funeral). Then I headed back to O-town to get my desserts ready for the feast

Snickers Caramel Apple Pie. I die. 

I also made mini cherry and pecan caramel cheesecakes but the picture isn't pretty enough to grace the blog. I may fancy myself an amateur photographer (with my trusty iPhone 4s I might ad), but I'm only kidding myself. Photographer I am not

However, my amazing talented friend (and former college roomie) is an actual photographer and yesterday she was doing 20 minute mini sessions at an awesome location in GE. I convinced Toni that she needed pictures of the girls and I tagged along to the session so I could see Smaig and catch up with her. It was freeeezing out and I felt so bad that she was stuck out there all day - I could barely handle the 20 minutes that I was outside so I couldn't imagine being stuck out there all day long

After the pictures I took my first break of the day and relaxed with a drink until Supper was ready. My Mama Bear is the most amazing cook and her turkey suppers never disappoint. Feast your eyes on my Thanksgiving feast

I'm thankful that Dollarama sells these divided plates (I'm completely OCD about my food not touching) even though it looks like I ate Thanksgiving supper at a soup kitchen...

My little bro had group messaged my Mama, Toni and I earlier in the day and told us we were watching 'The Conjuring' after supper. Little known fact about me : I am like a child when it comes to 'scary' things. The dark, scary movies, ghost stories, etc.And yet somehow he was actually able to convince me to watch the movie. And I only screamed like a little bitch a handful of times. I'm just glad I wasn't watching it in a theatre  - I would've made a total ass of myself with my hysterics

And that concluded Thanksgiving 2013. My Mama Bear still owes me a birthday supper (I'm a brat, I know) and I think I'm going to call it in at American Thanksgiving so I can celebrate two Turkey Days this year!

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October 10, 2013

Never Have I Ever. (Like, Ever)...

I am linking up with Amanda from 'The Lady Okie' today for 'Never Have I Ever'.  I've been in a blogging slump lately since work/life has been completely insane, but I still read my favourite blogs even if I don't get to comment, and Amanda's posts are ones I never skip. And when I saw that she would be hosting this link up I knew I was in. It's only one of my favourite drinking games...

My friends and I used to play this game in College ALL.THE.TIME while we would pre drink before the bar. We were broke College students that would get completely wasted before the bar so we wouldn't have to spend a cent at the bar. We were thrifty. And alcoholics... Anyways, we would play the game, but always team up against one person we were playing with and take situations out of their life and use them as our own, so that they would have to drink every.time and would end up completely trashed. I once got my friend Millz so drunk off this game that she was throwing up into the garbage can in our kitchen by 4:00 in the afternoon. Don't ask why we started pre drinking that early. We were young, living 6+ hours away from home, and so broke our only form of entertainment was drinking.  We clearly had problems...

Roomies that made the move to 'the Hat' from O-town together. My aforementioned friend Millz is in the middle. We may have played a few drinking games before this picture was taken...

But enough about my crazy College years. On to the game:

Never have I ever...
Watched Napoleon Dynamite. The previews made me want to smother myself with a pillow so I couldn't imagine sitting through the whole thing

Never have I ever...
Liked Scarlett Johansson. Can't stand her. It annoys me to no end that Esquire just crowned her the 'Sexiest Woman Alive'. Blechhhh. I'm just glad Ryan Reynolds wised up and traded up

Never have I ever...
Smoked a cigarette. Mary J, yes, cigarettes, no (I was in College, cut me some slack)

Never have I ever...
Coloured my hair. Like, ever. My hair colour changes on its own with the changing seasons. I probably won't colour my hair until I absolutely have to (no greys for me!)

Never have I ever...
Been to Disney. And that makes me so sad :( One day!

Never have I ever...
Given blood. My Mom received a blood transfusion before 1980 and I was always told I wouldn't be able to give blood because of this (but have no idea if that is accurate or not). I also despise needles so there's that...

Never have I ever...
Ate Chipotle, Chick Fil A, Jimmy John's, Panera Bread, Bojangles, (etc., etc.).  Whenever bloggers talk about these places I die a little bit inside.  I literally live in the middle of NOWHERE. There isn't a single fast food chain restaurant in the town where I grew up and currently reside. I will be fixing the Chipotle situation when I (hopefully) head back to the Twin Cities in November!

Now its your turn - Link up and play along!

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October 4, 2013

Tweet This, Tweet That...

Sami's Shenanigans

Fridays are my favourite for two reasons: 

1. It's FRIDAY aka cheers to the freakin' weekend

2. Sami (usually) does her Tweet This, Tweet That Twitter Recap and I get to LOLZ at so many fantastic tweets that I may have missed 

So you can imagine how I excited I was when Sami announced that she would be hosting it as a one time link up. Now I get to LOLZ even more than normal. And Sami, I don't know how you ever narrow it down on who to feature. I felt like the tweets that ended up on the chopping block were the chubby kids in gym class who always get picked last (or not at all in this case). So sadz
Why is life so unfair? 

My mind was BLOWN the day I found out SJP was Sarah Sanderson

THIS is exactly the reason why I may change my mind about not wanting children...

Or as I like to call him, Ted Mosby's old boss

RIGHT?! (Fun fact: Kelly Oxford is Canadian, so that means we're basically BFF's)

I'm a little  extremely disappointed this didn't actually happen. I might as well just give up on Twitter altogether if there are no flying unicorns to look forward to

Just like how potato chips are a vegetable...

I did more than squeal when I saw that she replied back. IF I ever do have children I want to be just like Jessica Garvin #truth

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October 3, 2013

I'm Allergic to the Outdoors...

Just because I don't look sick doesn't mean I am not sick.
Except I actually do look sick. Unfortunately...

After running the 'Run the Ox' 5K on Sunday I was a sniffling, sneezing, red eyed, splotchy mess. I just assumed that running outside in the cold weather without the proper outdoor gear (it's basically Winter here in the GWN) had given me the sniffles so I thought I would just pump myself full of Advil Cold & Sinus and would be good to go. Then Monday rolled around. And I woke up with a sore throat, sinus headache, earache, and to top it all off, could barely breathe. I made an appointment to see my Dr. in 'the city' for Tuesday morning and prayed for death all day Monday. I even fell asleep super early that night and missed a new episode of HIMYM. That's how I knew I was really sick. Only severe illness could get in the way of my friendship with Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney...

When the Dr. saw me he took one look at my face and said 'you have allergies'. Then he looked in my ears and throat and told me I had a major sinus infection. He looked back through my history and deduced that I am 'allergic to the outdoors'.  I've always had seasonal allergies, to pollen, ragweed, grass, that kind of stuff, but the allergies only ever affected me in the Spring. Now, they are back in full force and kicking my ass. But at least I have a good excuse for not having to mow the lawn or rake leaves ever! I just have to take Reactine every morning from now on until eternity, but I'll take it if it means no stupid allergy symptoms!

Working with children all day when you feel like your head is about to explode is something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy (aka Angelina Jolie. HA). Tomorrow is supposed to be my EDO (earned day off) but I chose to take it today instead since we have low child:staff ratios. So I plan to cuddle with the kittens, lay in bed and watch HIMYM, take my medications, and drink copious amounts of coffee to keep me warm. 

Oh, and catch up on reading blogs!

Sally helping me write this post. Thank GAWD I'm not deathly allergic to cats like my lil bro. I would DIE

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