October 15, 2013

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving...

Is it possible to still be in a food coma almost 24 hours after ingesting the best.meal.ever?! Because I definitely think I am still 'suffering' from the after effects of inhaling turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesecake, and apple snickers pie. It wasn't just any old night though. Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canadaland

I started off my Thanksgiving by heading into 'the city' early in the am to grab some necessities for Thanksgiving supper. I met up with a friend for coffee at Tim Hortons and was finally able to give her birthday present to her (only a few weeks late...I'll seriously be late to my own funeral). Then I headed back to O-town to get my desserts ready for the feast

Snickers Caramel Apple Pie. I die. 

I also made mini cherry and pecan caramel cheesecakes but the picture isn't pretty enough to grace the blog. I may fancy myself an amateur photographer (with my trusty iPhone 4s I might ad), but I'm only kidding myself. Photographer I am not

However, my amazing talented friend (and former college roomie) is an actual photographer and yesterday she was doing 20 minute mini sessions at an awesome location in GE. I convinced Toni that she needed pictures of the girls and I tagged along to the session so I could see Smaig and catch up with her. It was freeeezing out and I felt so bad that she was stuck out there all day - I could barely handle the 20 minutes that I was outside so I couldn't imagine being stuck out there all day long

After the pictures I took my first break of the day and relaxed with a drink until Supper was ready. My Mama Bear is the most amazing cook and her turkey suppers never disappoint. Feast your eyes on my Thanksgiving feast

I'm thankful that Dollarama sells these divided plates (I'm completely OCD about my food not touching) even though it looks like I ate Thanksgiving supper at a soup kitchen...

My little bro had group messaged my Mama, Toni and I earlier in the day and told us we were watching 'The Conjuring' after supper. Little known fact about me : I am like a child when it comes to 'scary' things. The dark, scary movies, ghost stories, etc.And yet somehow he was actually able to convince me to watch the movie. And I only screamed like a little bitch a handful of times. I'm just glad I wasn't watching it in a theatre  - I would've made a total ass of myself with my hysterics

And that concluded Thanksgiving 2013. My Mama Bear still owes me a birthday supper (I'm a brat, I know) and I think I'm going to call it in at American Thanksgiving so I can celebrate two Turkey Days this year!

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  1. I hate to admit turkey is one food I hate :( so thanksgiving is not nearly as fun for me as for others lol. Looks like a delicious meal and it is so crazy that y'all have already had thanksgiving. I give you permission to call in and celebrate our turkey day too ;)

  2. I laughed out loud at your comparison to eating at a soup kitchen... because that was my first thought when I saw the picture.


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