November 5, 2013

Eat, Drink, And Be Scary...

Halloween 2013 was a SUCCESS but I am so sad that it is over and I have to wait another whole year before I get to decorate again (for Halloween that is. As soon as November 12th hits I am starting my Christmas decorating!).  I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am OBSESSED with the holidays, especially decorating for the holidays. I tend to go a little overboard but I just can't help myself!

Pirates were HUGE this year. I couldn't believe how many people posted photos on FB & IG of their children dressed as pirates! The idea for Rae & Graycie's costumes came from yours truly. Toni and I were browsing Old Navy in Minot when I saw a cute parrot costume. I told Toni that Graycie should be a parrot and Rae a pirate (because every pirate needs a parrot sidekick!) and she went with it.  So I totally take all credit for their awesome costumes...
I took the girls home from work with me so they could be ready for when Toni got off work and made it home. My cousin and cousin in law and their kiddos stopped by the house to Trick or Treat and me and the girls joined them to hit up the rest of my parents neighborhood (all of 4 houses).  The kids were sooo excited, running from house to house. It made my heart so happy! Side note: Can it get any more Canadian than collecting your halloween candy in a Lululemon re-usuable tote?! Hahaha
I love, love, LOVE decorating for the holidays. Not having my own house anymore (YET) sucks when it comes time for decorating. But I won't let the fact that I'm currently living in my parents basement while I save up for a down payment on my own home stop me. Oh no. I will just go all out decorating the bedroom that only I see. I may have a problem...

1// Happy Halloween burlap banner, purchased at JC Penney (on sale) a few weeks ago for $8.99
2// The black/glitter pumpkin is a real mini pumpkin that I painted with chalkboard paint (the only black paint I had lying around) and sprinkled with gold glitter before the paint finished drying. The white pumpkin is a decorative pumpkin I purchased from Target for around $4
3// The framed chalkboard print is from jandpaper on Etsy. I absolutely LOVE Jessica's blog and always get a new print from her Etsy shop for each season or holiday. The Happy Halloween sign was purchased at Hobby Lobby (on sale) for $2. The plush Jack Skellington and Mayor of Halloweentown were purchased years ago at the Disney store in Vegas. I've had the I (Heart) Halloween printable for awhile and can't remember where I printed it from.I purchased the large photo frame half off at Kohl's a couple of months ago and plan on changing out the photos for the seasons/holidays. I put photos of my siblings and I from Halloweens loooong ago as display this year
4// More mini pumpkins that were purchased from a grocery store in 'the city'. I had plans to glitter-fy them but just never got around to it. In the shadow box (also purchased half off at Kohls) is cute scrapbooking paper that just screams FALL that I cut to make 4X6 (in the past I have framed the paper). And then finally, you can't see it very well but there is a Partylite candle holder that I always put a Halloween scented candle in and put my spiderweb overlay on (there are different overlays that can be changed out for holidays/seasons)
5// I went to Minot with a friend in the middle of September and just had to have the gold glittery pumpkin. I had no idea what I would do with it but it just screamed 'take me home!'.  The orange pumpkin is another decorative pumpkin purchased from Target. The candle is Pumpkin Pecan Waffles from Bath and Body Works - smells heavenly and comes in the cutest jar. And then, while shopping in Minot AGAIN, I found the candy corn Happy Halloween sign and just had to have it (Like I said, I may have a problem...)
6// My Halloween wouldn't have been complete without a little Hocus Pocus & The Nightmare Before Christmas

I found  this  Sweet & Salty Snack Mix on Pinterest a few years ago and have made it as treats for friends/coworkers for Halloween for the last 3 Halloweens, just tweaked a little bit to suit my tastes. Last year and the year before I gave it out in glass jars, but this year I found cute candy corn treat bags in Hobby Lobby that I knew would work perfect to give out this year 

It's really the easiest thing ever. Pick a bunch of salty snack foods and a bunch of sweet snack foods, grab a big ass bowl, then dump it all in. Easy peasy. And so delicious. This year I used Cheez-Its, Butter Snaps pretzels and Bugles for the salty part of the mix. The Cheez-Its and Butter Snap Pretzels aren't available in Canada (in my part anyway) so I picked them up on one of my trips across the line. Last year I didn't make it to Minot before Halloween so I used regular pretzels and Goldfish crackers. Then I used Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Reece's Pieces, Candy Corn, and Candy Corn M&M's (which I just found out I LOVE and of course, they can only be bought in the States...) for the sweet part of the mix. Again, the Cocoa Puffs and Candy Corn M&M's were Minot purchases

Would you believe me if I told you that Halloween 2013 was the FIRST TIME I have ever tried Candy 
Corn? I almost can't believe it myself. I bought a 4lb bag of it for the snack mix and had sooo much left over that I used it to decorate the porch for the trick or treaters // My Jack Skellington footie pajamas made another appearance on Halloween night // Candy Corn M&M's - my new love. Give me some white chocolate and I'll be your best friend forever! // Snack mix just waiting to be devoured while watching Hocus Pocus // I don't know how my animals put up with my craziness but Luna doesn't actually seem to mind her festive bandana- she's still wearing it today // Mr.Mustachio got all dressed up like a pumpkin on Halloween Eve. Sadly, he passed away on Friday night :(  // Treat packages that I made up for family/friends // The girls watched Hocus Pocus for the first time over the weekend and on Sunday afternoon I found them in the basement sucking out the souls of the little children (aka their stuffed animals) so they could be young and beautiful again. It was the best.thing.ever. // On Halloween eve I was getting the dogs costumes ready and Graycie decided to dress herself up in the dogs hot dog costume. Too cute! // And finally, my Halloween goodies in all their glory. I made sure to create some tags for the snack mix so the parents would know it was from me and wasn't poisoned

Whewwww that was  a looong post! But when you love Halloween as much as I do you just can't leave any details out! 

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  1. What a fun Halloween! You are the queen of decorating :)

  2. I love all your decorations!! I seriously need to step my game up with Halloween decor... all my stuff is really just fall oriented, with a couple jack-o-lanterns mixed in haha!

  3. WHAAAAAAAAAAT, this was the first year you've ever had candy corn?!?! Have you ever had the little cream pumpkins? I literally had to force myself not to buy either this year because I will dummy an entire giant bag in a day and make myself sugar sick lol.

    We live with my parents in the summer (in their basement, too!) and I see noooooo shame in that game. They aren't kicking me out, and they enjoy having us there in the summer ... I'm all for it. I actually only have two friends who don't live with their parents, and it's because their grandparents left them a ton of moolah. I love what you're doing with the place, your decorations are so neat :) I never decorate for Halloween, but you make me want to next year!!


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