December 19, 2013

Goals Schmoals...

As much as I love Christmas I am always so unprepared for when it finally comes around. I seriously told someone yesterday that  wish I could rewind to two weeks ago so I would have more time to get stuff done. Normally I am so anxious for Christmas to just get here already but this year I am majorly stressing that it is less than a week away. Not to mention that it is almost 2014. Where did this year go?!

Anyways, I just looked backed at my December Goals and one of my goals was to have all of my presents bought AND wrapped by December 20th.  Ummm... that goal is absolutely not going to happen. Unless all my family wants groceries for Christmas because that's about the only place to buy anything in this one horse town...  Lets also just ignore the fact that I missed blogging for 5 days...Gahhh, I really suck at achieving goals!

Here are a few life lately updates (since, again, I have sucked at blogging the last few days)

// My laptop finally arrived! I know I said I would be a better blogger when it arrived but I have been working over 10 hour days at work AND had 4 meetings in the last two weeks so it really messed with my plans. But that changes today! She's sleek, pretty, fast, and the best part? She is mobile! My old laptop was stuck in a corner of my bedroom and could not be moved or else it wouldn't turn on unless you happened to position the cord just the right way. Which always took FOREVER. The new laptop can go anywhere her little heart desires. And that makes me so happy!

/// Graycie had her Pre-K Christmas concert last week. She is the youngest in the class and she was so cute on stage with how shy she was being 

Right is last year on Christmas Day. Left is her hanging out in my office at work before she headed to her concert. My baby is growing up so fast!

Graycie is on the far left in the red dress. Hanging on to Mrs R's hand for dear life

// I headed down to Minot, ND with Scooby, a friend since Grade 2, last Friday night. We power shopped all day before heading back to O-town. When we got back to O-town I finally got to use my new Cards Against Humanity game

// Tonight is Rae's Christmas concert BUT she is sick and won't be going :( Thus, I won't be going. The only positive to this is that I will get more accomplished tonight than I thought!

Coming up on the blog in December:

1//Christmas baking recipes
2//My (fantasy) Christmas wish list
3// Elf on the Shelf Shenanigans 2013
4// Christmas wreath tutorial
5// 2013 Year in Review Recap

& much more! Check back!

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  1. Graycie is SO cute!! :) I hope you're doing some wrapping/shopping today ma'am!! ;)

  2. Graycie is the CUTEST! I'm looking forward to seeing your baking recipes and wreath tutorial! xo


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