December 19, 2013

Secret Santa Reveal...

When Kym announced that she would be doing a Secret Santa Gift Exchange I was all over that like white on rice. I had wanted to sign up for another Christmas-y swap that a few bloggers were putting on but they didn't open it to Canadians (whomp whomp). Thankfully Kym let folks from the GWN participate and all was good!

Unfortunately, I got burnt a couple of months ago doing a fall swap. I sent out a gift to my swap partner but never received one in return. However, I didn't want that to stop me from ever participating in another swap again. I participated in my first ever swap last year at Christmas and was paired up with a blogger I hadn't yet discovered. I am SO thankful that I was paired up with Kate and got to 'know her' through blogging because I ended up getting to meet her in real life this Summer and have my first ever blate while I was in the Twin Cities! So there was no hesitation when it came time to sign up for another swap. Sure, I could've gotten burnt again but instead I was introduced to two new bloggers that I otherwise may not have discovered

My Secret Santa was Natalie from Paperback and Pastries. And the coolest thing about it?! Last year we both participated in another swap and I was HER Secret Santa! How does that even happen?!

Natalie sent me a recipe book FULL of recipes for cookies. This will definitely come in handy next year when its Cookie Swap time! Now I won't  have to bug all of you for help. Thank you Natalie!

Last year I had gifted Natalie with a cookbook made by a non profit organization that I volunteered on the board of directors for. It really is such a small world we live in!

I was excited to be introduced to Renee at So Fill Your Heart as her Secret Santa -  but I do have an apology for Renee. You see, I couldn't find the email that outlined all the 'rules' of the swap. (No surprise there considering my inbox is filled with a million unopened emails. Most of them blog comments that I have yet to reply to. I suck, I know). 'Luckily' my sister, Toni (aka Kirstin if you look at the link up) participated in the swap as well. Unluckily, she couldn't exactly remember the rules of the swap either. We both thought that we would send a gift to one person and a different person would then send us a gift. (which is actually how it worked. However...) Toni's partner was totally on the ball and got her present to her even before we were supposed to have them sent out. (I need some of her motivation!). The person that Toni got gifted from was also the person Toni gifted to. So even though it didn't quite make sense to me, considering it was called 'Secret' Santa, I went with it. I just figured that because Canadians were buying for Canadians that only me and Renee had signed up as bloggers

Anyways,  when it came time to package up Renee's gift and get it sent off I was already a day late in sending it (whooops) and my plans for writing a long letter introducing myself went right out the window. I figured, 'oh well, she already knows who I am because we were matched together. She'll understand why I sent some of this stuff'.  So imagine my surprise when my gift arrives and the address was not a Newfoundland address but instead an Ontario one. I was confused to say the least. And felt like crap for not actually introducing myself at all to Renee. So, sorry Renee! And thanks for sweet email about your gift! I've loved getting to 'know you' through your blog!

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  1. hahaha that's hilarious! you're totally forgiven- especially after the greats goodies you gave me! :)
    i was just so excited that i was already a follower of my "secret santa"!!


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