December 30, 2013

Tis the Season (A Christmas Recap)...

While at work on Friday a child asked me ' Is Christmas over?' and when I answered 'Yes' she immediately burst into tears, threw herself on the ground, and promptly fell asleep. And I was super jealous that I can't get away with that behaviour anymore

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year and every Boxing Day I get  mega depressed that I have to wait a WHOLE YEAR for Christmas. I get super stabby when people start posting on FB, Twitter, IG, etc. how they are taking down their Christmas trees and decorations on Boxing Day. Ummm, HELLO the Christmas SEASON is still upon us. Leave the trees up until at least January 1st please. Otherwise, you're a grinch. And I don't actually mean grinch. (HIMYM fans will get that one!) 

Anywho, I may be feeling depressed and needing even more wine than usual lately but I still had a great Christmas with my family and am glad that I got to make those memories with them. Lets recap my Christmas, shall we?

Christmas Eve was busy to say the least. I had to work from 7:00 - 4:00 (whomp whomp) and even on my lunch break I was go, go, go - finishing up my gifts for my employees, getting the children's 'snowman soup' gifts ready, and throwing fajitas in the crockpot for supper.  As soon as I got home after work I was in full on get-shit-done mode. I wrapped presents for an hour before I needed to start preparations for our Christmas Eve Mexican and Margaritas feast. (As I mentioned in my Merry Christmas Eve Eve... post I am stealing this tradition from Holly). On the menu for the night was:

Emily's Crockpot Fajitas
Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro Lime Rice (to make Burrito Bowls, duh)
Aaaaand tacos (for my boring  non-Mexican food loving family)

I should've paid more attention to the recipes beforehand because I realized while trying to do five things at once that almost all of the work could have been done the night before. I'll try and remember that for next year since knowing myself I will be doing last minute stuff again

My brother and SIL have already determined that that isn't just a Christmas Eve tradition and that we need to have a Mexican and Margarita night at least once a month. Obviously I didn't need any convincing. My Margaritaville blender is the BEST.THING.EVER. The only problem? It makes margaritas that are so delicious and taste just like the ones you get at Margaritaville that it made my heart miss Vegas even more than it usually does :(

After gaining 10 lbs our feast it was back to get shit done mode. I retreated to the basement for an hour where I proceeded to wrap every present my Mama Bear bought for the girls. No easy feat when you realize how spoiled those two children are. Lets just say Martha Stewart would not have been impressed with my less than stellar wrapping skills this year

The girls made the gingerbread house that 'Candy Cane' (aka Auntie Kayla...) brought for them. I was busy wrapping the rest of her presents so Mama Bear was the lucky one that got to build it with them. If I bought the gingerbread house and had full intentions of building the gingerbread house with them does it count as accomplishing one of my December goals? (Please say yes...)

Then Candy Cane made her final visit to the girls, riding in on the back of Santa's motorcycle. The girls read the letter she brought and then Santa lifted Candy Cane's magic so the girls could hug and kiss her goodbye. She even eft some cookies in the fridge for the girls to make for Santa

Pepper Dennis kept trying to attack Candy Cane. The look on his face is priceless!

Mama Bear reading Christmas stories to the girls before they headed home for the night

I ended up falling asleep upstairs on the couch - I was utterly exhausted - and woke up around 2:00 am to stumble down to my room. I knew that I would have to be up early-ish to finish up some last minute things (coughwrappingallmypresentscough) but what I didn't plan on was being woken up at 5:00 am. This girl forgot to shut her weekday alarms off :(

I went upstairs to get coffee and found this in the porch - it had been dropped off in the middle of the night (my Mama Bear found it when she let the dogs out). Inside were chocolates and a cute poem about the gift from my 'Secret Santa'

I wrapped all my presents in record time, hopped in the shower, and then waited anxiously for the rest of the family to show up so we could get Christmas started. When we were little my siblings and I would wake up at 3 am ready for Christmas. We would check every hour with our parents to see if it was time to open presents until finally our parents would relent and we would start opening presents. This usually occurred around 5 or 6 am. So now when I have to wait until 9:00, sometimes even 10:00, for Toni and the girls to arrive I am completely wound up

Finally my brother and SIL showed and not long afterwards Toni and the girls finally arrived. The girls got absolutely spoiled, as per usual. We decided not to go crazy with presents for the adults again this year but everyone still went above and beyond the limits we set

 (L) Mama Bears beautiful tree with all the pictures (R) The aftermath. It looks like a tornado went through the house. If you look closely you will see Graycie putting on every single pair of underwear and socks that were in her stocking. She ended up wearing 6 pairs of undies and 10 pairs of socks. She couldn't even walk across the hardwood floors without slipping and sliding everywhere. She cracks me up!

It's tradition in our family to have a big breakfast right after we open presents. My dad is always in charge of the breakfast and it is always delish. I fell in LOVE with mimosas after having one for breakfast at Margaritaville so I made sure we kicked off our Christmas festivities right. Mama Bear even liked them so that's a win in my books!

The rest of the day before supper was spent lazing around. I went down to my room for awhile and watched The Santa Clause. Graycie joined me for a bit in the super cute TMNT footie pajamas I bought her. I finally got a nap in while I watched Home Alone 2 upstairs and it was just what I needed to perk me back up

We ate a delicious turkey supper (thanks Mama Bear!) and then my brother hooked our old camcorder up to the tv and we watched old home movies and laughed our asses off at how ridiculous we looked and acted

My favourite present this Christmas? Getting to see my Mister, my families dog of 15 years that passed away at the end of my freshman year of College. I clapped when she arrived on the screen and then cried a little, tears of happiness, to get to see her again

After a few hours spent making fun of ourselves watching the old home movies it was finally time to play the Home Alone drinking again. Let me tell you, that game is no joke! I couldn't refill my drinks fast enough to keep up with the drinking. It only ended up being me and the brother playing. Toni, the girls, and Kels all fell asleep on us. Mama Bear watched but didn't play along. Next year we'll convince her...
Bottom right is how I was feeling after the Home Alone drinking game

It was a great Christmas, though it was weird not being with out extended family on Christmas. Growing up is hard sometimes!

I spent boxing day miserable in bed, completely depressed that Christmas was over. I watched Christmas movies all day long and felt like smothering myself with a pillow everytime someone posted on social media about taking down their decorations so soon

Oh, and my 2nd favourite gift from Christmas? My sweet little brother bought my blog a domain! www. is officially MINE. Such a thoughtful gift!

Aaaaand if you made it through this long winded and picture heavy post I applaud you!

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  1. What an amazing celebration! I so wish my family would be in for mexican christmas haha, they don't it! Just my hubby and i! :)


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