January 6, 2014

December Goals Update...

So if you read my Goals Shmoals... post a couple weeks back then you will already have had some insight into how well achieving my December Goals went (aka shitastically)

1. Candy Cane made an appearance approximately 24 times. A couple of days she made appearances twice -  simply because the girls hadn't been at my parents house the previous day. My Mama Bear had to step in a few times while I was gone away on the weekends to make sure Candy Cane found a spot but I still say this was achieved!

2. The 2nd Annual Cookie Exchange with the Beaver Cove Town Council ladies was a resounding success and I already can't wait for next years!

3. Ha. HA HA HA HA. That's what I think about that. Considering I didn't work out even once.  BUT today marks the first day of my new lifestyle change so at least there's that?

4. Insert maniacal laughter here. I wrapped ALL my presents on Christmas morning (and ALL of my Mama Bears for my nieces on Christmas Eve). I also was still Christmas shopping on the last Sunday before Christmas. Epic fail right here

5. If I bought the gingerbread house and had full intentions of building the gingerbread house with them but instead was stuck wrapping their presents, that counts. Right? (say YES!) I even let Candy Cane take the credit for the gingerbread house. Bitch owes me $9.99

6. Catch up on SOA I did. I spent all day on Dec 29th getting caught up on the current Season of SOA. And then when I got to the last episode I wished I had never watched a single episode. My heart is seriously broken over a television show. I've decided I'm not going to watch the final season at all and am just going to watch Seasons 1-5 and pretend that everything is ok. #JaxandTaraforlife

7. Soooo I may have totally forgotten about this goal altogether. Easter supper maybe?

8. Yeahhhhhh..... That definitely didn't happen. BUT I did blog a total of 13 times in December which was a HUGE improvement from the 4 days in November. So in my books its a win

Check back tomorrow for my January Goals. Even if its just to laugh at them knowing I will probably only achieve half...

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  1. Noticed some Caribou k-cups in your k-cup holder. Caribou is my #2 k-cup favourite... Starbuck is #1.

  2. I feel like goals in December are just the hardest overall! You still crossed a few off, so go you!! I def want to host a cookie swap now bc of you! :)


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