January 29, 2014

Why You Should Never Tell Your Mom About Your Blog...

I've never shied away from the fact that I have a blog. It was easier to be open about having one so that I wouldn't have to hide the fact that I was taking pictures of my food than trying to hide it from people. Sometimes I question myself on whether it would have been a good idea to make a separate blog IG and Twitter account so people from my teeny tiny hometown wouldn't know about it. But that's a topic for another day. Today I want to talk about why you should never tell your Mom about your blog

I've had this little ole space for over 18 months now. I may not be a consistent blogger yet but someday I'll get there. I also used to blog during College (http://somedaysugottadance.blogspot.ca) and then sporadically until I got this new space. I'm sure my Mom knew about it, even if I didn't directly tell her

My sister Toni also used to blog during her days as a stay at home mom on maternity leave with her first born. She also plans on getting back to it eventually (soon I hope!). A LOT of our conversations revolve around blog posts we've both read, posts of mine, etc. 

If Toni and I were talking about something from one of my posts in front of our Mama Bear she would sometimes ask what we were talking about and I would retort that if she read my blog she would understand.  First mistake right there. After that I'd casually mention again how she'd understand if she visited my blog and she'd mention that she would if she knew how. This is the same woman who once asked me how to use "The Google"...

Finally, after the millionth time telling her she should read my blog and her telling me she didn't know how, I bookmarked it on her iPad so she'd easily be able to access it. She started out reading my newest posts (this was back in December) and then one day asked me if there was a way she could read my older posts. *facepalm*. So, I showed her how to access all my old posts. That was my second mistake

Now, I get questioned all.the.time about my blog. The other day I got home from work to have her  tell me that I lied on my blog. I immediately started racking my brain trying to think of what I possibly could have lied about. When I finally asked what she was talking about she told me that I lied that we never had a cat  until after I graduated from high school. "Ummm, seriously?!".  Her direct quote was "Don't you remember Miss. Ellie?'"

A few things that need to be mentioned: First off, I have went almost 27 years thinking that cats name was Alley. As in Alley Cat. Who names a cat Miss. Ellie?! And for another thing, that cat up and decided one day that she had had enough of our family,  packed her things, and moved two blocks over, into the house of a nice couple with no young children. Smart movie Alley Miss. Ellie

Apparently the new family didn't ask any questions about its REAL owners. Jackasses. When I was in elementary school I'd walk past that house with my friends and if I saw the cat I'd say 'Hey, there's my cat!' and my friends would look at each other like this:


So, MAMA BEAR, no I don't count that as having a cat. When the cat doesn't even live in the same house as you its kind of hard to call it yours!

I also now feel even guiltier than I did before when I don't blog consistently (aka this entire month) because my Mom asks me why I haven't blogged lately and when I'm going to post again. Ay Caramba

Public Service Announcement: If your Mom doesn't already know about your blog DON'T TELL HER. 

But, if she now knows, that just means she is going to be called upon for a guest post every now and again. You're welcome Mama Bear :)

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  1. Was that seriously the cats name??? I don't believe you.

  2. My mom has always known about my blog and she gets mad if I don't mention her often enough. When we do stuff together, she tells me to make sure I blog about it. Hence many posts dedicated to just activities with my mom lol

  3. Poor cat...well really poor you for having the cat just up and leave.

  4. hahahah I think the best part of this post is that you didn't know the cats real name lol. I've done that but with people #sideeye


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