February 22, 2014

Cast of Characters...

 As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm getting a blog makeover from Kalyn @ Geez Louise Design. While updating my 'Meet K' page for Kalyn to work her magic on I realized I've never actually introduced all the people I talk about on a regular basis. I also don't call them by their names so that has got to be confusing. So to clear up some confusion here is a 'Cast of Characters' that you will see making regular appearances on the blog


  1. I have questions! Do you have answers??
    Was Audie-Rae named after your dad and was Kenley-Grayce named after your bro?
    And where does their dad fit in to the cast?

    1. I do have answers!

      Rae is actually named after myself, my Mom and my Dad. My middle name is Rae-Lynn, my Mom's middle name is Rae, and (obviously) my Dad's name is Audy. So Rae's full name is Audie-Rae Lynn. Graycie has a family name as well but isn't necessarily named after my brother. On my Dad's side of the family Ken is my Grandpa's name, Kenny is my uncle, Kendra is my cousin, and as you know, Kenton is my brother. So Kenley is more so just a family name after my dad's side of the family

      And my sister and the girls dad split years ago - they still see him and visit but since he doesn't fit into my life at all he's never mentioned on the blog, and thus, not a character you'll be hearing about

    2. Love it! I love seeing a Canadian blog!

  2. love that you introduced them to us. and they are a great looking bunch. have a great week.


  3. such a cute way to introduce the cast to us :)


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