February 19, 2014

I'm the Kinda Girl Who...

... doesn't say a word, who sits at the curb and waits for the world  Ok, but seriously who knew Teddy would have such a catchy song?! When Holly announced her link up I had that song playing on a loop in my head. No bueno... Anways, on to my actual post

//Fell in love with NYC after only one visit

//Gives in to peer pressure easily

//Swore up and down I hated wine after trying it while in Italy at 15. Now, I'm a wino

//Drinks the leftover pickle juice from the jar

//Has a hard time saying no to people. Especially my sister. Damn you Toni!

//Is a super fast reader and can spend an entire day in bed reading books

//Is always planning my next vacation

//Wishes I could have enjoyed city life more when I lived in the Hat

//Watches  PLL or HIMYM every night before going to sleep (unless I'm on vacay)

//Prays every night before going to sleep but has only been to church a handful of times 

//Wants to go back to school but doesn't want the debt

//Is loyal to a fault. If my friends hate someone, I hate someone

//Cries when I'm angry and hates it because I see it as a sign of weakness

//Still hasn't mastered the art of backcombing

//Is extremely superstitious but has the number 13 tattooed on my forearm

//Hates public speaking but once rapped (along with my sister and two cousins) a welcome to the family speech at my cousins wedding

//Cringes when someone I know IRL tells me they read my blog

//Hates having my picture taken alone

//Has to be doing something while watching tv - googling useless facts, checking social media, reading blogs, etc

//Has an unhealthy obsession with Target

//Tears up over anything involving the Olympics

//Gets stressed out during football games and curling games to the point that I have to leave the room when field goals are kicked or last rocks are thrown. This actually just happened this morning

//Always rounds up my age and, thus, always forgets how old I am

//Makes lists for everything. And loves doing it

//Still loves having my Mama Bear french braid my hair

//Loves to travel but stresses out over all the details. Will my flight be delayed? What if we have car troubles? What if the hotel double booked us? 

//Will wake up at 4 am to watch my favourite team of all time play a semifinal match at the Olympics but will hit snooze at least 4 times every other morning

//Laughs out loud during every episode of New Girl

//Loves country music but will always change to a different XM station if Eminem or DMX is playing

//Would eat chips all day every day if calories didn't count

//Spends waaay to much time on the Humour and Holidays & Events sections of Pinterest

//Critiques every single blog post I write

Linking up with Holly...

What kind of girl are YOU?
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  1. Oh Target, love that place and every time I go there I can never spend under $50! :)

    1. I live almost two hours away from the closest one so because of not getting to go nearly often enough I always manage to spend at least $200 each time I do visit. I just love it so much

  2. Love this! I'm a new follower and it's a great way to get to know you! ;)

  3. I love target too!!! they are opening one 5 minutes from my house in july and i am so excited!!

  4. So I'm curious...what is the significance behind the 13 tattoo? My fave #!


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