February 25, 2014

These Are My Confessions...

Tuesday Confessions

1// I spent at least two hours the other hour night googling Colleges and Universities in both Canada and the US, trying to decide what I want to do with my life. I'm 26, have a college diploma, (and a career!) but for a while now have been thinking a lot about wanting to get my degree,  in a completely unrelated field than the one I took my diploma in. Which would mean at least three more years of schooling on top of the two I've already taken, if not four. Then I saw the prices for tuition and just like that those plans went completely out the window. I don't want to live in debt, even if it is good debt from schooling. I just can't fathom it

2// All I want to do right now is book a vacation - I haven't been on a real vacation (Minneapolis doesn't count - airplanes weren't involved) since April of 2013 when I went to Vegas.  The weather here is still completely miserable, today it's -40 with wind chill warnings, and it just makes me want to escape and go somewhere far, far away. Or somewhere even not that far away. Las Vegas is calling my name., like it does every year. I'd even settle for another trip to Minneapolis

3// It's really hard to concentrate on work and regular life stuff when you have great weekend plans. Friday at noon cannot come fast enough. I just need to decide what I'm wearing on Saturday when I shake it for Luke Bryan...

4// I've registered for the Colour Run in the Twin Cities again this year, and am also going to register for Run or Dye in the Queen City the weekend before the Colour Run. I guess this means I better start running again....

5// I want to go on Blogcation SO BAD but everyone I try to convince has horrible excuses for why they can't go.  Attending a blog conference is on my 30 X 30 list and I can't think of anything better than attending one a freaking cruise ship. Wanna go with me Mama Bear?

6// Last night I drank the rest of a bottle of wine that I had opened on Super Bowl Sunday and then forgot about. (I hadn't been able to drink more than a glass that night because of medication I was on). It was a little stale, but I still finished it off. No shame in my game

7// I'm ridiculously sad that the Olympics are over. Why can't they happen every year?

8// I almost tear up every time I think about How I Met Your Mother ending next month. I'm gonna bawl like a baby. This will be me when the finale airs:


  1. Ha, I'm 26 and working on my 3rd degree, which will hopefully put me in my 2nd and forever career! The tuition part is not fun, but I should make more once I graduate than I ever would have in my old job, so there's that.

  2. Go by yourself! I'm sure you'll meet tons if people!

    1. I have absolutely no sense of direction. Like at all. It's a good thing I was born in a time where there is GPS and compasses built into vehicles. I have a feeling I'd get completely lost in the airport and end up missing all of my flights if I tried to go at it alone. I could NEVER be on the Amazing Race, that's for sure!

  3. I think it sounds soooo fun too, but don't think I can put up a good case for spending that money with my fiance. lol Also, I drink stale wine all the time. Can't let any of that go to waste ya know ;)

  4. I'm going to die when HIMYM is over! It's like the end of an era! :(


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