February 18, 2014


This weekend the company I work for, along with the local fitness centre, held our Hearts for Heroes fundraiser, an event to honor heroes and volunteers in the community. The event was held on Saturday the 15th, the day after Valentine's day. The decor for the event was all tied in with Valentine's Day, and my cousin and I had the task of putting together the centerpieces for the event - over 35 in total. All of the ideas for the centerpieces came directly from Pinterest, taking different aspects from a bunch of different pins. As well, I did up three different paper buntings to decorate the front entrance table and the silent wine auction tables. 

I LOVE doing crafty projects like these but never seem to find the time  make the time to do up projects like these at home. I've decided one of my March goals will be to finish at least three of my incomplete projects sitting on my work station

At my previous job, where I was Director as well, there were 90 children. That's right, 90. Waaay to many children to give each one something for Valentine's Day. But, now that I work in a much smaller Centre I started thinking about how I should do up something for each child for Valentine's Day. I scoured Pinterest and pinned and liked some cute ideas, but nothing ever actually came from them. Valentine's week was a busy one with one last board meeting before the fundraising event as well as a bunch of last minute details to get done before the event. 

I was on my lunch break on Friday when I realized that I never had done up anything for them and I started feeling guilty. I quickly headed uptown to check out what I could grab to throw together for the children. There was not a single pack of valentines cards and not a single bag of valentines candy left in this one-horse town. The grocery store, which two days before was stocked full of Valentine's themed treats, did not have a single one left on the shelf. They were, however, having a sale on fruit snacks so I decided that my crafty ideas would just have to go out the window, and the children would just get something random. I noticed that Fruit Roll Ups were on sale as well and came with 10 in each box so I bought two boxes of those to equal out to how many I needed - for a grand total of $4.00

When I got back home after my quick stops the overachiever in me started worrying that these weren't blog worthy good enough. That's where Pinterest once again came in (I heart Pinterest sooo much!). I searched 'Fruit Roll Up Valentine's' and found a cute printable that was exactly what I was looking for. I had a bunch of leftover valentine's bags from the Dollarstore from years ago and they came in handy

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