March 28, 2014

Five On Friday...

1. Last weekend was Ladies Night Out in a neighbouring town. I went with my Cameron clan - Mama Bear, Kelsey, Gypsy, 'Auntie' Jen, and Auntie Linda - the same ladies who went to Luke Bryan with me. We didn't get home until 4 am so its safe to say a good time was had by all. I'll post pictures and more info about the night next week when my phone and computer decide to cooperate (It's been one of those mornings)

2. Mama Bears birthday was on Monday  - which deserves a post on its own (coming next week). We feasted on a delicious supper, had the best birthday cake ever, and there may have been mimosas involved. Okay, there were definitely mimosas involved

3. Spring has not sprung around these parts which is part of the reason I just haven't found the motivation to blog. When its still -15 and almost April I get super grouchy and want to do nothing but lay in bed and be miserable. Which I have done almost every night for the last two weeks. Spring where are you?!

4. I got invited to a' Favourite Things' party next Friday and am hoping I can make it work to be able to attend. I've wanted to host one for sooo long but its hard to host things when you don't have your own home....  Being invited to one is just as fun and the host of the party is the craftiest person I know so its sure to be a great time 

5. I'm off to Edmonton for most of next week. My cousin is getting married on Wednesday (yes, Wednesday) so we are making the 10+ hour trek on Tuesday. If you don't hear from me again its because I haven't been on a 'vacation' with my entire immediate family in a looong time and we may kill each other. Please pray for me

On that note, I'm off to get ready for the last workday of the week. I am soooo glad to finally see Friday! 

March 19, 2014

I Can't Wait For Summer

A few weeks ago I was complaining on here about this brutal Canadian Winter (as per usual) and the 'Winter Blues' that never fail to make an appearance, when  my IRL friend, Taigz, commented that she had been having the same kind of day when someone told her 'You live in SK. Get over it'. Fortunately for Taig, she has been on at least three hot holidays in the last 4 months (super jealous girl right here!) whereas I have been stuck in this hell hole just dreaming of NYC, Texas, and Las Vegas (the next three places I plan on vacationing). So no, random person who told Taig this, I WILL NOT GET OVER IT!

Obviously, I'm a little bitter. So when I saw that Helene and Taylor were doing a one time 'I Can't Wait For Summer Because' linkup I thought it was the perfect way to try and put those Winter Blues in the back of my mind and gear up for my favourite season

I can't wait for Summer because... my toes haven't seen sunshine in 6 long months. Bring on the flip flop weather

I can't wait for Summer because... I finally have a deck to drink on 

I can't wait for Summer because... I have a $200 Margaritaville blender that needs to get a lot of use this Summer (and the next 10 Summers...) to equal its hefty price

I can't wait for Summer because... I have clothes in my closet I haven't been able to wear for 6 + months

I can't wait for Summer because... Big Brother comes on. Duh

I can't wait for Summer because... Drinking out of mason jars during the Winter just doesn't seem right

I can't wait for Summer because... My skin is the whitest I have ever been in my entire life

I NEED this tan back in my life

I can't wait for Summer because... Minneapolis and the Color Run are calling my name

I can't wait for Summer because... Maxi dresses. Enough said

I can't wait for Summer because... I will no longer have to worry about fickle Saskatchewan weather and the roads will always be driveable. Hallelujah

I can't wait for Summer because... football season is back! (In Canada anyways...)

I can't wait for Summer because... After last night's episode of PLL I STILL don't have a single answer to any of my questions but I'm hopeful that the Season 5 premiere on June 10th will shed some light on a few things. But I won't hold my breath

Helene In Between

March 17, 2014

Happy St.Paddy's Day...

It's now St. Paddy's Day and I just took down the last of my Christmas decorations a week ago. Where has the time gone? I mean, I'm okay with it being that much closer to Summer, but I feel like I've lost three months of my life considering (I swear) it was just Christmas

I planned on having a low key weekend since I haven't had a 'free' weekend in awhile with a weekend trip to see Luke Bryan, and a weekend work conference the first two weekends of March

The Veronica Mars Movie was released on Friday, after 7 looong years of waiting since the television series ended. My sister and I were huge fans of the show - we fancied ourselves amateur detectives when we were young, so Veronica was basically living out what we thought our future would be

 When we first heard about the movie finally coming to life my sister and I vowed that we would see it on opening day. Then the closer and closer it got to the release date we realized that no theatres near us would be playing it. Lucky for us it was released on iTunes the same day it was released in theatres. My sister bought it on iTunes and I rented it. It took forever to download on our phones so we had to watch it in little spurts until it finally finished downloading. I watched it 3 times this weekend and that wasn't enough - I wish I would've had enough iTunes credits to buy it too. The movie was everything I wanted it to be and more. I don't want to give any spoilers away but it ended exactly how I wanted it to. And it was so true to the original tv show with so many of the supporting characters returning for tiny cameos. LOVED IT! (Someone out there please tell me you're a V Mars fan too - sooo many people say they have never even watched the show!!)

On Saturday I headed to Brandon, MB with Kenton and Kels for Kenton's tattoo appointment. Our first stop when we made it to the city was for lunch at Qdoba. Neither of them had ever had Qdoba or Chipotle before but loved the Mexican feast I made on Christmas Eve so I convinced them they needed to try it since I have been craving some good Mexican food for months.  After lunch we went to my two favourite places - Starbucks and Target, which made up for not having as low key of a weekend as I had planned. While we were in Brandon I booked a tattoo for my MOTHER. At 51 she is going to get her first tattoo. And this is the woman who hated it when I started getting tattoos. I can't wait until April 12th!

We ate supper at The Keg before heading home and I have been desperately searching Pinterest for a copycat recipe for their Raspberry Lemonade. It was so yummy and would be perfect for a hot Summer day on the deck. If you know of a good one let me know!

Sunday was the epitome of a lazy day. I didn't brush my hair until almost supper time or change out of my pajamas until late afternoon. My morning was spent drinking coffee out of my favourite mug (from Target, of course) and watching Serendipity, one of my favourite movies. I decided to have a NYC movie day after realizing that I was watching a movie set in NYC while drinking coffee out of my New York mug.  I searched through Netflix to find any movies that were set there, and ended up watching How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, New York, I Love You and finally, New Years Eve . I've just been missing NYC so much lately. It didn't help that an old friend of mine (Hi Jazz!) was just visiting NYC and kept Instagramming pictures that made me insane with jealously. I need to get back there asap!

March 12, 2014

$5 Savings Plan...

Early last year I saw this pin on Pinterest about a $5 Savings Plan. Though I never carried cash back then I decided to give it a whirl anyways. At the time I had been thinking of trying out the envelope system and budget that goes along with it, but decided to start with the $5 Savings Plan and go from there

Every time I would get a $5 bill it would immediately get put into a separate space than the rest of the cash in my wallet, until it could be tucked away safely at home. There were a few times throughout the year where I would have to 'steal' a $5 bill from myself and use it for something and every time I had to do this I cringed - those $5 bills are sacred and not meant for everyday purchases! When I saw anyone using a $5 bill for 'meaningless' purchases - buying coffee, tipping a waitress, etc, I would get SO mad. Use smaller change for that - save your $5 bills! I would also exchange Loonies or Toonies for $5 bills from my family if I saw that they had a $5 bill

Fast forward to December 2013 and I had $220 in $5 bills tucked away safely at home. (I considered this really good considering I still rarely ever had cash). That month I finally bought myself a new laptop, with the help of my $5 bills (I briefly talked about it in this post). I had determined early in the year that I would want to buy something I considered 'special' with my $5 bills - I didn't want to save them all year just to end up paying bills, buying fuel, etc.

This year when I got my first $5 bill I put a sticky note on it so I would know at the end of the year exactly when I had started saving the bills again. I have a 'wish list' of items that I have been wanting to purchase for awhile so hopefully my $5 Savings Plan will help me get some of these things by the end of the year

Iphone 5S
I've had my Iphone 4S for two years now and its on its last leg - the camera is sooo shitty now and that's no bueno when its my only camera. I qualified for an upgrade in January but just haven't wanted to spend the money on an upgrade quite yet
iPad mini
I have my new laptop and a NookColour but would still like to get an iPad for when I travel
Chi Orbit 
I have the Chi Orbit Double Dramatics but want one with only one wand
DSLR Camera
My iPhone just aint cutting it anymore (see above!)
Hunter Boots
I would kill for a pair of these boots. Right now I just have a $20 pair of Target rain boots and they don't quite have the same effect that Hunters do

Start saving those $5 bills people! 

March 6, 2014

Girls Weekend & Luke Bryan...

On Friday afternoon I headed off to Bismarck, ND for a girls weekend with my Mama Bear, SIL Kelsey, 'Auntie' Jen, cousin in law (and friend) Gypsy, and Auntie Linda. Let me tell you something about my family: we are all bat shit crazy (in a good way -I promise) and I wouldn't have it any other way. I won't reveal their ages (but will say that my Aunt qualifies for Senior discounts at restaurants...) but  my Mama Bear and Aunt were the oldest of all of use but also the hardest partiers -they left us all aching with laughter the entire weekend

Here's my Aunt pushing my Mama Bear down the hallway and into the elevator with our empty luggage cart right when we got to our hotel.  And the picture on the right is my Aunt busting out some moves she was going to try on Luke Bryan. They are craaaazy

Saturday was the night for Luke Bryan. It was also -50 both at home and in Bismarck but there was no way we were missing out on Luke! We got to the civic centre early to make sure we would be able to park the vehicle close - walking long distances in that weather was sooo not happening. After waiting for what seemed like forever we finally were able to get seated and get some more drinks in us

Cole Swindell and Lee Brice were the opening acts and they were awesome. My cousin even said that she would have been happy if we had only seen them. 

Luke was even better than I imagined. His voice was perfect - sounded just like his records do. He played ALL of my favourites - Rain Is A Good Thing, Drink A Beer, Country Man, and Play It Again. I'm still depressed that its all over 

If I didn't have a conference for work this weekend I would have been booking the first flight to Memphis. (for those tickets my cousin accidentally bought...). The morning after the concert I was researching the rest of his tour stops. I have an aunt that lives in New Braunfels, just outside of San Antonio, and we have been talking for awhile about wanting to go visit. When I saw that Luke will be in San Antonio on September 18th I knew it was fate!

I'll post pictures from the concert when I'm not doing a million things trying to get ready for another weekend away - this time for work!

March 4, 2014

February Goals Update...

So I know I was supposed to recap my weekend shenanigans (including the Luke Bryan concert!) yesterday, but I have been riding the struggle bus with no signs of stopping since we got back from our girls weekend.  Yesterday was such a struggle just to stay awake for my entire workday - I seriously contemplated propping my eyes open with toothpicks. 3 cups of coffee and a Redbull later and I was still completely wiped out. I had grand plans of going to bed as soon as I got home from work but, unfortunately, I got sucked in by the television. First The Voice, then curling (the Brier) and finally, HIMYM. During a break in shows I painted my fingernails on my left hand and was planning on finishing the other hand after the show was over.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch in my basement with only one hand painted. Now I'm the crazy person with only one hand of polish. Don't worry - as soon as I'm done writing this post I'm doing up the other hand. I just hope no one noticed this morning....

Now on to my February Goals update. I'm going to be completely honest - this month was worse than any other month when it came to goals. I have the Winter blues SO.BAD. and it has left me completely unmotivated. The fact that it was such a short month didn't help either. March is going to have a shit ton of goals since I have over half my February Goals to cross over

  1. Complete 2011 AND 2012 Project Life albums (this is VERY ambitious). To ambitious, apparently
  2. Clean out spare bedroom # 2. Still looks like a tornado hit...
  3. Do Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD at least 4 times/week. HA HA HA
  4. Take down all Christmas decorations (this one breaks my heart). Completely heartbroken over this, but yet happy that I at least accomplished one of my goals
  5. Order Dad's Father's Day present from LAST YEAR. I am doing this tonight! I swear!
  6. Send out two forms of snail mail. So again, does it count if it's for work?...
  7. Successfully complete Kym and Jenn's February 12X30 Challenge: No Spend Challenge. The first half of the month went GREAT and then it all went downhill from there
  8. Drink 2 Nalgene bottles full of water per day. I did pretty good on this one. I didn't use my Nalgene water, and my Contigo bottle is a little smaller, but I have gotten back to drinking more water like I used to
  9. Organize photos on my old laptop and (finally) put away in storage. 3/4 of the way done. Man is this ever hard - 8 years worth of pictures on that thing!
  10. Visit a former coworker in 'the city' and finally drop off her baby gift (her baby was born in July... I'm horrible). Her kid is going to be heading off to College and I still won't have dropped it off...
  11. Blog at least 3 days/week. WHOOOOP WHOOP! I've been doing pretty good lately - it helps that I got a new design that I LOVE!
  12. Wake up every morning when my alarm tells me to (no more setting 8 - that's right, eight - alarms to hit snooze on before finally getting up). Mornings are just so hard. I used to get up to go to the gym at 5:00 am and then have to drive 45 minutes to work, and now I can barely get up half an hour before I have to leave for work. Help me turn back into a morning person!
  13. Comment on more blogs. I read blogs every morning when I first wake up and every night before I go to sleep, but rarely ever comment. I need to work on this. Still needs more work but I've been discovering some new blogs and commenting on my favourites more regularly 

Tomorrow I WILL have my Luke Bryan/girls weekend recap up, and on Thursday will be posting my March Goals. Check back then!